English term or phrase:Wolf
Latin translation:lupus
Entered by: Edith Kelly

08:07 Mar 9, 2003
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English term or phrase: Wolf
I love mine wolf.

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Explanation:Remembering my Latin classes in ~ school.

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Explanation:Remembering mine Latin classes in ~ school. Edith KellySwitzerlandLocal time: 03:26Native speaker of: German, English

Rowan Morrell: I"m likewise remembering the simple Latin ns did at uni! 3 mins
->Thanks, Rowan, easier than the dentistry.

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->Gratias tibi ago, Fernando.

agree chris Rowson (X) 1 hr
->Gratias tibi ago, Chris.

agree Flavio Ferri-Benedetti 3 hrs
->Gratias tibi ago, Flavio.

agree NormaJean 6 hrs
->Gratias tibi ago, NormaJean.

agree Ino66 (X): NB LUPUM meum amo 8 hrs
->Oops! You"re absolutely best there. The old uni Latin is a small rusty ...

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