Since the NFL’s birth in 1920, the video game has checked out every extreme. Components such together matchups and also weather have produced games memorable for frequent trips come the endzone and struggles to gain anything walk on offense.

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This list has the league’s highest- and also lowest-scoring games, along with interesting tidbits about each.

Total point out Scored: 101Score: 49–52

A midseason tilt in 2015 saw drew Brees and also Eli Manning slinging the ball around to the opposite offenses. The pair linked for 91 passes and 13 touchdown strikes.

New York dropped early but rallied to 21 fourth-quarter points come tie the game at 49 with 31 seconds left. Brees obtained the house team into field goal position and also Kai Forbath nailed a 50-yard attempt through no time staying to offer the Saints the win.

Brees finished with 501 happen yards. For the Giants, Odell Beckham Jr. Reeled in three touchdown.

4. Houston Oilers vs. Oakland Raiders, 1963

Total point out Scored: 101Score: 49–52

The Houston and also Oakland offenses come screaming the end of the gates in this one, with a 35-35 bound score at halftime.

The game-winning field goal in this one was a 39-yard attempt off the boot of Mike Mercer that the Raiders. The standout player of the contest was Oakland receiver art Powell, who caught 10 passes because that 247 yards and also four touchdowns.

3. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams, 2018

Total points Scored: 105Score: 54–51

Two of the NFL’s best teams squared up because that this barn-burner in Los Angeles, with Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff leading opposing offenses. Both threw for an ext than 400 yards, but it to be Goff and also the Rams coming out on top.

Goff didn’t litter an interception and spread the ball about for 31 completions. Los Angeles was helped with three interceptions on the protective end.

2. Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals, 2004

Total clues Scored: 106Score: 48–58

In a battle of a too much orange top top the field, Cincinnati outscored Cleveland in a game that saw 66 second-half points.

The Bengals to be down 4 points at the 10:00 note in the 4th quarter but scored two unanswered touchdowns–the second of which was the only non-offensive touchdown that the game, a 31-yard interception return for Deltha O’Neal.

Browns quarterback Kelly Holcomb threw for 413 yards and five touchdowns while Bengals running earlier Rudi Johnson rumbled for 202 yards and a pair the scores.

1. Brand-new York Giants vs. Washington in ~ Redskins, 1966

Total clues Scored: 113Score: 72–41

The highest-scoring game in NFL history is the just blowout on the list, together Washington ran far from new York in the nation’s capital.

Outside of receiver Charley Taylor (six records for 124 yards and also two touchdowns), no Redskins offensive player put up mind-boggling numbers. Instead, Washington was put in great position to score time and time again due to six Giants turnovers including five interceptions.

It was a pitiful seaon for new York, that went on to finish with a 1-12-1 record. No team, however, bludgeoned “Big Blue” prefer the Redskins walk on November 27, 1966.

Lowest-Scoring NFL Games

In the beforehand days that the NFL there were a variety of 0–0 games. The last taped was in 1943, when the Detroit Lions met the brand-new York Giants. Due to the fact that then, the lowest scoring games have had actually 3 points. Below are the many recent.

Miami dolphin vs. Pitsburgh Steelers, 2007

Total point out Scored: 3Score: 0–3

On a cold Monday night, 57,704 pan congregated at Heinz field to clock both offenses throw up zeros till a 24-yard ar goal by Pittsburgh kicker Jeff Reed ceded the Steelers a victory with seconds on the clock. The game featured less than 400 complete yards for both teams an unified and no receivers or to run backs with more than 90 yards.

New York jets vs. Washington Redskins, 1993

Total points Scored: 3Score: 3–0

A great Jets team fended off a bad Redskins side on December 11 in ~ Robert F. Kennedy stadion via a first-quarter ar goal. New York conquered the game in terms of stats but couldn’t discover the endzone. Washington rushed the sphere 15 times for just 39 yards and also totalled only 150 yards of full offense top top the day.

Miami dolphin vs. New England Patriots, 1982

Total clues Scored: 3Score: 0–3

Affectionately recognized as the Snowplow Game, this challenge saw Patriots head coach Ron Meyer summoning the snowplow operator to clear a spot to tee up Miami’s deathblow, a 33-yard ar goal booted by john Smith.

The key act drew a protest from dolphins head coach Don Shula to commisioner Pete Rozelle. Rozelle agreed what taken place was unfair yet wouldn’t readjust the an outcome of the game.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa only Buccaneers, 1979

Total point out Scored: 3Score: 0–3

Another video game with infamously impending weather, the Monsoon game in Tampa Bay created seven fumbles. Notably, only five resulted in turnovers. Both teams attempted 13 overcome and combined for 67 happen yards. The Buccaneers acquired a 19-yard ar goal from Neil O’Donoghue in the 4th quarter to escape through a win.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Buffalo Bills, 1977

Total clues Scored: 3Score: 0–3

Surprisingly, Neil O’Donoghue finished up do the game-winning ar goal in two of the NFL’s lowest-scoring games. He hit a 30-yarder to offer Buffalo the edge over Atlanta in the 2nd quarter for this game’s just score. Quarterbacks Scott Hunter (Atlanta) and also Joe Ferguson (Buffalo) an unified to finish just 17 of 50 happen attempts and also throw for 95 and 96 yards, respectively.

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Green just Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings, 1971

Total clues Scored: 3Score: 0–3

The original 3-0 NFL video game was played between bitter rivals. Minnesota was one of the NFL’s finest teams and overcame just 87 total yards that offense contrasted to green Bay’s 301. Four turnovers i stabbed it the Packers and also Fred Cox made great on a 25-yard field goal effort in the fourth quarter to put the Vikings on top.

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