Silver sulfide represented by the chemistry formula Ag2S <1> is a black color crystalline powder the is dissolve in nitric acid, sulfuric acid and alkali cyanide solutions. Ag2S is insoluble in alcohol <1, 5>. It occurs in nature as the mineral argentite and is one ionic compound <5, 6>. That is really stable and also doesn’t decompose easily except at very high temperature or by the electrolysis the the molten link <11>.

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Silver Sulfide

Silver Sulfide Identification

CAS Number21548-73-2 <1>
PubChem CID30686 <2>
ChemSpider ID145878 <3>
EC Number244-438-2 <1>

Composition and Synthesis

Silver sulfide deserve to be all set by a reaction between silver and also gaseous hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen gas is released in the process.

2Ag + H2S = Ag2S + H2

Our silverware tarnishes since of the above reaction. Air has traces the hydrogen sulfide which causes the silver- to tarnish creating silver sulfide. You have the right to polish her silver utensils clean by rubbing them through a cloth and also polishing compound <7> It can be represented by the below reaction with aluminum that requires the reduction of silver- sulfide to silver <13>.

3Ag2S + 2Al = 6Ag + Al2S3


Silver Sulfide Formula

Properties and Characteristics of silver- Sulfide

General Properties

Molar mass/molecular weight248.804 g/mol <2>

Physical Properties

Color/appearanceBlack flour <1>
Melting point/freezing point845°C, 1553°F <1>
Boiling pointN/A <1>
Density 7.234 g cm-3 <1>
State of issue at room temperature (normal phase)Solid <1>
Resistivity0.1 – 10 ohm-m <14>

Chemical Properties

Solubility in waterInsoluble <5>

Atomic Properties

Crystal structureOrthogonal <4>
Band void of nanoparticles0.96 eV <10>


Silver Sulfide Structure

Prominent Reactions

Silver sulfide reacts through hydrochloric acid to produce silver chloride and hydrogen sulfide <9>.

Ag2S + 2HCl = 2AgCl + H2S

It reacts v nitric acid to type silver sulfate, nitric oxide and also water <8>.

3Ag2S + 8HNO3 = 3Ag2SO4 + 8NO + 4H2O

Silver Sulfide Uses

The link finds application in anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents <4>.As a photosensitizer in photography <4>.As a rap reagent <4>.Inlaying in niello metalwork and also ceramics <5>.

Is that Dangerous

The compound is irritating to the eyes, skin and also respiratory system. Hence contact and also inhalation have to be avoided <4>. Sloop down is harmful together it may cause health dangers like irreversible pigmentation throughout metabolism <12>.

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Silver Sulfide (Ag2S) Price

5 gram that the compound costs around $80 <8>.


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Shub says:
November 12, 2020 in ~ 4:41 am

Ag2S + 2HCl = 2AgCl + H2S

How deserve to this reaction take it place despite silver being much less reactive 보다 hydrogen in the reactivity series?


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