Here we will learn how to recognize the hybridization of I3-. One an essential thing the students have to remember is the I3− is a direct anion. That is created by the bonding of I2 v I− ion. Below I− ion will be the donor and I2 molecule will certainly be the acceptor whereby electrons room usually accommodated in the empty d orbitals. I3- ion is basically sp3d hybridized.

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Name of the MoleculeTriiodide ion
Molecular FormulaI3-
Hybridization Typesp3d
Bond Angle180o

What is the Hybridization that Triiodide ion?

To know the hybridization of Triiodide ion, we have the right to use an easy hybridization formula i beg your pardon is provided as;

If we look at the iodine atoms there are 7 valence electrons in its outer shell and two monovalent atom are additionally present. Further, during the mix of Iodine with the two various other Iodine atoms, the central atom gains a an adverse charge whose value will be taken as 1.

If we ar or substitute the values according to the formula, us get




Therefore the hybridisation number is equal to 5. Now we can say the hybridisation is sp3d.

Alternatively, us can likewise determine the hybridization the I3- by discovering the variety of valence electrons and lone pairs and also calculating their sum. In this case, if we take into consideration the lone pairs there room 3 together pairs if the number of atoms donating valence electrons is 2. If we add these values with each other we gain 5 which can be interpreted as sp3d hybridisation.

Important Points to Remember

I3- is developed by the bonding that I2 through I− ion.During the mix of Iodine atoms, the central atom benefit a an unfavorable charge whose worth will it is in 1.I− ion is the donor and also I2 molecule is the acceptor. Electron are greatly accommodated in the empty d orbitals.

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I3- molecular Geometry and Bond Angles


I3- molecular geometry is linear. When there are three Iodine atoms, among the atoms has actually a negative charge which further gives 3 lone bag of electrons and also 2 link pairs. That steric number will be 5. The three lone pairs will repel each other and take up equatorial positions. The continuing to be two Iodine atoms room at 180o from each other.