Every tree tends to experience both sapwood and heartwood. These two kinds of wood play a far-reaching role in the expansion of a tree. However, many people tend to discover it difficult to do a comparison in between them.

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The organic discussing highlight some of the main point difference between sapwood and also hardwood v a to compare table. We have likewise gone ahead and highlight the similarities in between sapwood and also heartwood in the discussion.


What Is a Sapwood?

Sapwood is additionally known together laburnum. This is the outermost class of the wood and also the living hardwood in a growing tree. The core role of the sapwood is to bring water from the root to the leaves. When the water becomes scarce, the sapwood helps to distribute the save water indigenous the root to the rest component of the tree.

The wood tends to be lighter in color and it is extremely susceptible come pathogens which do it much less durable. The living cell in the wood are responsible because that the structural support of the tree wall. It likewise forms a base whereby nutrients space stored come be provided in case of scarcity.

What Is a Heartwood?

Heartwood is also known together duramen. This is the timber that occurs at the center of an old stem and it is the dead part of an old tree. The cells about the an ar are dead however they have tendency to remain undamaged to serve one more purpose.

Some the the renowned chemical compound responsible because that the darker color of the heartwood room resins, terpenes, and also phenols. This chemical compounds also make the hardwood resistant to pathogens and also insects thus making it quite durable.

Comparison Chart: Sapwood Vs Heartwood

Basic TermsSapwoodHeartwood
MeaningRefers to the outermost great of the woodRefers come the dense central region the the wood
Alternative namesLaburnumDuramen
LocationOccur in ~ the peripheral regionOccur at the center region
CellsHas life cellsHas dead cells
ColorLighter in colorDarker in color
Hard or SoftSoftHard
XylemXylem vessel and tracheid not pluggedXylem vessel and tracheid space plugged with tyloses
CompositionMore celluloseMore lignin
ConductivityServe together conductorServe as insulator
FunctionTransport that water and also nutrientsOffer structural support
DurabilityLess resilient due to attack by pathogensQuite durable due to resistant assault from pathogens

Core Differences between Sapwood and also Heartwood 

Sapwood is the outermost region of the hardwood in old tree whereas heartwood is the central region the the wood in the earliest treesSapwood is also known together laburnum while heartwood is additionally known as duramen.Sapwood is irradiate in color while the heartwood is darker in colorSapwood comprise of living cell while heartwood comprise dead cellsThe vessels of the heartwood room plugged v tyloses conversely, those of sapwood is no plugThe main role of heartwood is to sell mechanical support whereas sapwood enhance the transport of water and nutrientsSapwood is less durable while heartwood is quite durableSapwood consists of much more cellulose if heartwood is composed of ligninSapwood offer as a conductor when heartwood offer as one insulatorSapwood is rather soft while the heartwood is quite hardSapwood is lightweight and also heartwood is heavyweightHeartwood is an ideal for do furniture while sapwood is not perfect at all.

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Similarities between Sapwood and Heartwood

Both make up of an additional xylemBoth are acquired from cambium vascularBoth offer mechanical support

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The core difference in between sapwood and also heartwood is that sapwood wake up in the periphery an ar of the hardwood while heartwood wake up in the inner an ar of the wood from old stems. As well as that, they are both acquired from vascular cambium and they sell mechanical support.