The term ‘flora’ is characterized as every the naturally emerging native tree of a specific region. Fauna is every the pet life current in a certain place or in ~ a details time period. A major difference between flora and fauna is the flora is composed of tree whereas fauna describes animals. When it concerns mobility, flora is immobile, whereas fauna can conveniently move indigenous one ar to another.

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The primary difference between flora and also fauna is the flora talks around the tree life of a an ar or a certain duration whereas fauna to represent the wildlife that a region or specific period.

Difference in between Flora and also Fauna


Flora is supplied to average the collection of plant species in a certain geographical region or habitat. It refers to the organic vegetation in a particular geographical an ar like plants, fungi, algae, and more.Flora indicates all develops of plant life, much more generally used to stand for the plant life the a details place.Flora deserve to be characterized as the tree life that a specific geographical location, or in ~ a specific period.Flora is a Latin term, which implies the repertoire of aboriginal plants in one ecosystem, which grow in a geography area or a particular period. It deserve to be classified on the basis of region, period, climate etc.Flora provides their own food, through the procedure of photosynthesis.


Fauna connotes the pet kingdom which deserve to be uncovered in a certain geographical location. It refers to the animals that live in a particular geographical region like animals, birds, microorganisms, and more.Fauna is every the animal life present in a details place or at a specific time period. Fauna indicates all develops of animal life, an ext generally used to stand for the animal life native to a certain place.Fauna denotes the wildlife, consisting of birds, and micro-organisms the are found in a certain region or period.The term ‘fauna’ is a Greek beginning which is called after a roman goddess. It indicates the team of animals that live in a particular geographical region, habitat or in ~ a certain duration of time. In short, the denotes the animal kingdom found in one area.Fauna cannot do their very own food, and also they room dependent on plants for their food, choose herbivores and also omnivorous animals.

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The flora and also fauna are financially important because of their donation to tourism. In other words, they tempt a lot of tourists. The examine of flora is excellent in botany. As against, we research fauna in zoology.