The word desert and dessert, regularly look alike, but there is a slight distinction in their spelling, meaning and also pronunciation. Desert suggests a hot and sandy region, wherein there is a lack of water, because of which life is quite an overwhelming there. The may additionally mean to run away native a situation.

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On the contrary, Dessert suggests a sweet cuisine, which is usually eaten after lunch or dinner. The instances given below will assist you to recognize the difference between these two:

After having dessert, the group determined to visit the Thar desert.When the role is over, dessert is offered to all the guests and after one hour or so, everyone deserted the hall.

In these 2 examples, you might have it was observed that words dessert has only one an interpretation in both the sentences, i.e. The confectionary item. As against, desert in the very first example means the substantial arid region, conversely, in the 2nd case, it way leave (left).

Content: Desert Vs Dessert

Comparison Chart

Basis because that ComparisonDesertDessert
MeaningDesert describes a an extremely hot barren land covered with sand or rock, having tiny or no vegetation.Dessert refers to confection, i.e. A sweet dish eaten at the end of the meal.
Part of SpeechNoun and also VerbNoun
Stresses onFirst SyllableSecond Syllable

Definition that Desert

The native ‘desert’ is mainly used together a noun, which indicates a an extremely hot and dry region covered with sand or rocks wherein over there is lack of water because there is very tiny rainfall in the area and so the living conditions are not suitable or favourable because that the life beings. For example Sahara Desert, Thar Desert, Atacama Desert.

Further, when it is provided as a verb, the is pronounced together “dessert”, but spelt favor “desert”, which describes abandon someone. The clues given below will help you to usage them correctly, take it a look:

As a noun:

To indicate an arid and hot place, wherein there is no or tiny precipitation, frequently covered by sand or rocks:She went to visit Sahara desert last year in April.The Kalahari Desert is positioned in southern Africa.

As a verb:

To run away from the armed from, without permission, having actually no on purpose of coming back:There are a number of soldiers that desert from the equipped forces every year.The commandos that deserted the army were captured last night.To leaving someone behind in a hard time, without any kind of intention of return back:The soldier deserted his family and also children, to offer the nation.All mine friends deserted me once I remained in trouble.

Definition that Dessert

Dessert describes the course the is consumed at the finish of the meal, i beg your pardon is normally a sweet dish. That mainly includes confections choose biscuits, cookies, cakes, chocolates, candies, pastries, ice cream, pies, mousse, custards, puddings, etc. However, fruits and beverages are additionally served as desserts.

For example:

We don’t think the desserts are enough for the party.The restaurant is well known for its desserts, particularly the flan.Would you prefer to have actually sweet soup because that the desserts?The presentation of dessert to be amazing.Baklava is the most well-known dessert in Turkey.

Key Differences between Desert and also Dessert

The difference between desert and dessert have the right to be drawn plainly on the adhering to grounds:

Desert means a huge sandy or rocky area, having actually very little precipitation and also sparse vegetation. The may additionally mean to leaving someone or miscellaneous in a difficult situation or escaping indigenous the army without any intention of comes back. On the other hand, dessert refers to the sweet dish which is offered after lunch or dinner.‘Desert’ deserve to be supplied as a noun and also as a verb, however ‘dessert’ deserve to be used as a noun only.When it involves sound, words desert has actually an ‘e’ sound, conversely, an ‘i’ sound is over there in words ‘dessert’.In the word ‘desert’ we lay stress on the very first syllable. As against, in the word, ‘dessert’ tension is laid on the 2nd syllable.



Ravin desires to visit deserts, at least once in his life.It to be painful to watch youngsters deserting the city for far better jobs in one more one.Cactus tree are found in deserts.


I forgot to serve the dessert in ~ lunch.My mother made an apple pie because that the dessert.For dessert, over there is a cake and chocolate mousse.

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How come remember the difference

Both desert and dessert space nouns, inside one suggests a dry place while the other indicates a sweet dish offered as the critical course of the meal. Further, the desert can also mean abandon, when supplied as a verb.