Many civilization tend to have actually a tough time distinguishing a ewe, lamb, and sheep. Yet these state are commonly used to classified sheep.

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The main difference between a sheep and a lamb is the a lamb tend to be one year and over while a lamb tends to be much less than one year old.


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Comparison Table (Lamb vs Sheep)

Basic terms LambSheep
MeaningA lamb is a young among a sheep that is much less than one yearA lamb is a ruminant mammal the is end one year that age
Age RangeLess 보다 twelve monthsMore 보다 twelve months
FoodFeed on the mother’s milkGraze top top grass
Type of MeatSpring lamb meatMutton, Hogget or Lamb
Religious ValueChristianityIslam
Meat TasteTenderGemmy
Meat DemandHighLow
Share in LivestockRelatively LowRelatively high
GroupFlockMobs or bands
SpeciesSub-speciesMain species
Wool productionLessMore
Length that tailComparatively smallComparatively long
Slaughtering AgeFour to twelve monthsOver one year
Meat FatLess fatMore fat
Cost of MeatQuite expensiveQuite affordable
TeethMilk teethStrong this for grazing
HornsLack the hornsHave lateral spiral horns
MaleRam lambRam or buck
FemaleEwe lambEwe or Yoe

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What Is a Lamb?

A lamb is a young among a lamb that is less than one year old of age. The pet tends to feed mostly on the mother’s milk because of less emerged teeth.

The animal is generally slaughtered in ~ the period of four to twelve months and the meat has tendency to be fairly expensive. As well as that, the meat is less fatty and also quite tender.

The animal is normally slaughtered at the period of more than twelve months. However, the meat is much less in demand and also quite affordable.

The most amazing thing with sheep is that they create a big amount of wool and also have a high re-publishing in livestock.

A sheep has actually a religious value in Islam. It usually represents Ismail the child of Abraham throughout the sacrifice before the arrival of the Angel.

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Main Difference in between Lamb and also Sheep

Lamb is much less than twelve months old conversely, a sheep is an ext than twelve months oldThe meat from the lamb is soft whereas the of sheep is gemmyLamb feeding on mother’s milk while sheep feed ~ above grassThe meat from the lamb is quite expensive when mutton is affordableLamb has actually milk this whereas sheep have solid teethLamb has spiritual value in Christianity whereas lamb have spiritual value in IslamMeat is because that lamb conversely, mutton or Hogget is for sheepSheep has an ext wool if lamb have little woolSheep have long tail whereas lamb have a quick tailA flock stand for a group of lambs vice versa, a tape or mob stand for a group of sheep

Similarities in between Lamb and also Sheep

Both have religious valueBoth deserve to be domesticatedBoth elevated for meat productionBoth are herbivoresBoth room on-demand

Lamb vs lamb FAQs

Is a Lamb a infant Sheep?

Yes. A lamb is a young among a sheep. The pets are less than one year and also depend top top the mummy milk for survival.

What Is the Difference in between Lamb and also Sheep Meat?

The meat of a lamb is tender while the of a lamb is gemmy and need to it is in stewed come tenderize. Also, meat is for lamb and mutton is for sheep.

At What age Does A Lamb come to be A Sheep?

Lamb becomes a lamb at the age of twelve months and above. The is the duration lamb start to rely on grass for survival

Is Veal A Lamb?

No. Veal originates from calves, which space young cows. Lambs room young sheep, and also mutton originates from older sheep.

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Comparison Video


The key difference in between lamb and also sheep is based upon age. A lamb is a baby of a sheep much less than one year whereas a sheep is a tires ruminant mammal i m sorry is more than one year the age.