We describe what makes up the price of a Radikal Neon sign, and aid you understand just how to inquiry a sign to best fit your budget.

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Firstly, our indicators aren’t high-quality - friend can frequently compare the price of our LED neon indicators to classic neon indications at approximately 1/3 the cost of a timeless neon sign.

This is due to the fact that we use LED Flex Neon as opposed come the traditional method of gas & glass. While all of our LED signs are still handmade with love, the classic production method of blow glass & filling the glass v gas is not just how we do it. That process is a mastered art well-known by few and excellent exceptionally by even fewer - so when there’s only a handful of human being able to make neon signs through that complex process the price is naturally high. No to mention, neon glass is not a cheap material!

Our manufacturing team cut & bend lengths that a specially arisen LED Flex Neon we called the Rad supervisor Mini LED and adhere it to perspex backing plates, this helps the design keep that shape. This process is much much more straightforward (and a whole lot safer) than making use of neon gas & glass.





How are our prices made up?

Our LED neon indications have numerous cost materials in your creation and also production which impacts the price, understanding them is handy to getting the finest from your budget.

The intricacy of your sign. Because that example: tight bends,or huge scale indicators that need 2 technicians in ~ one time.
The labour hours compelled to actually design and also make your custom masterpiece involved life – precisely as friend imagined.

When thinking around what you’d favor made, take into consideration these 3 factors and compare castle to her budget, you can always ask united state to help carry out a price or clarify anything too - every one of our quotes are free, struggle the button below to seize a quote of any kind of shape or size!

As a business, Radikal Neon is hugely focused not just on fast turnarounds and also tight deadlines but additionally the high quality of occupational we produce. At the finish of the day, the quality of her neon authorize is our key priority, for this reason you, the customer has a durable product that looks impeccable.

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