In terms of plot diagrams/elements. Very first year teacher, teaching The Outsiders, desire to make sure I carry out it right and also do that well. Happy to receive any suggestions for unit/lesson plan or resources or tasks or any kind of advice you’d like to give!

Thanks in advance!


A partner of mine taught the church sequence together the climactic occasion of the plot, and treated the subsequent occasions as component of the resolution. The pair times i have taught it, i have made the students determine what they assumed was the orgasm and try to gather evidence to assistance their stance. It’s additionally always ok through me to argue there room multiple climaxes, developing multiple mountain ranges in the plot diagram. Cut Vonnegut’s video clip and material on “The shape of Stories” is a cool tangent to discuss and also think about when we’re assessing the type of stories... Dunno if the helps, but stuff to think about. ;)

Agreed. No one best answer, just exactly how to support your interpretation, and also KV is constantly a joy for story creation POV.

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This is a an excellent idea, and also the Vonnegut video is exactly how I've taught plot in English indigenous remedial 7th come AP and IB Lit, honestly. The church step is normally seen together the main climax, yet the generic five point/three act plot framework is often poorly applied to complicated novels with multiple subplots. That's the orgasm for the main story, Ponyboy's story, but Dallas has actually his very own story and Johnny's death propels him come his climax, within the resolution that Ponyboy's story.

I would certainly agree through the church fire if you looking at one central/traditional climax, however I always try to reframe the idea of the singular orgasm of a plot as collection of a transforming points (point the no return, allude of significant character realization/growth, etc.) That way students have the right to be ~ above the lookout because that multiple transforming points transparent a text, and argue i m sorry is perhaps most important/impactful/central. The an initial major one mine kids point out is commonly Johnny stabbing Bob, climate the church fire, the rumble, and also then dally’s death. Over there are additionally tons of smaller, quiet moments in between that are important to characters, if not the plot. Interactions between Pony and also Cherry, Pony and Johnny, Dally and Johnny, etc.

I'm to teach it right now using Johnny's & Dally's deaths as the climax, v the fire as the last significant plot point in the rising action.

I’d say most likely the church fire. Numerous drama and action, Johnny and Pony beat hero, and also as a an outcome Johnny it s okay injuries that eventually lead come his death. So it is my two cents!

Haven’t review it in a few years but I agree. Psychic the orgasm is the suggest where you cannot go back to the method things were before...the plot must relocate forward. All the choices they made led to the fire and they could not undo it.

Plots can have multiple climaxes, however it's basically exactly how the significant problem that the message is resolved, so, it is most likely the fight and Johnny's death, that part in the story resolves the fighting among the 2 groups and also leads come the resolutions in the end of the story.

Yes, I've found it valuable to clearly teach mine students the the major conflict straight ties come the climax. Otherwise, they regularly go, "This was a big thing that taken place so it have to be the climax.."

I’m one more one who teaches it through Johnny and also Dally’s deaths together the climax. Their deaths are what changes Ponyboy’s personality permanently.

The orgasm is Johnny’s death. It’s in ~ that minute that Johnny states his last words that ultimately come to be the layout of the novel—which is to stay true come yourself despite the message in Frost’s city in thing 5.

The arc of the novel is Ponyboy struggling to save his gold through every one of his challenges. The an interesting task to map the usage of the color gold and green throughout the novel—Ponyboy often describes the past and also those who remain true together golden—like his mommy & Sodapop. Those who’ve lost their gold are defined as green—like Darry, Cherry, and even himself.

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Adding come the idea that Johnny’s death is the climax is that he’s a Christ figure. That sacrifices his life because that others, that embraces the duty of a leader to protect Cherry at the movie theater, to save Ponyboy in ~ the fountain, and makes every decisions after they flee to the church. The symbolism the the church is a big clue as well as are Johnny’s initials—JC, i m sorry he pipeline scrawled in the dust on the floor of the church in thing 5.