The epic narrative of Mahabharata had actually been written eras ago. However the legendary tale continues to uncover prominence in every form of art, and continues come overwhelm us also today.

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The fact that the epic is still revered is not only due to the fact that of its poetic grandeur. The story that almost every one of us have actually grown increase with organize relevance even during existing times. The deeply philosophical concepts that perpetuate transparent the epic have a lot come teach us around the arts of living.

So, here are 7 crucial lessons the we have the right to learn native the Mahabharata.

1. A revengeful instinct have the right to only result in one\"s doom

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Mahabharata might revolve roughly the battle of duty. However we cannot escape the fact that the major reason behind the devastation of all was revenge. The Kauravas lost everything to their blinded desire to destroy the Pandavas. The war did not also spare the children, including Draupadi\"s 5 sons and also Abhimanyu.

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Arjuna was initially hesitant to fairy war against his kin. However Krishna reminded him the one needs to stand by Dharma (duty), also it intended going versus one\"s very own family. Therefore, Arjuna had actually to fulfill his responsibility as a good warrior the Dharma.

3. The eternal bond of friendship

The friendship between Krishna and also Arjuna is something all of us look increase to. That is perhaps since of Krishna\"s unconditional support and motivation that the Pandavas regulated to survive the war. Nobody of us have the right to forget the epic dice scene where it to be Krishna who pertained to Draupadi\"s rescue while she husbands gambled her away to disgrace. The friendship between Karna and Duryodhan, top top the various other hand, is no less inspiring.

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4. Half knowledge have the right to be dangerous

Arjuna\"s child Abhimanyu teaches us exactly how half-knowledge can have an adverse impact. If Abhimanyu knew how to get in the Chkaravyuh, that did not understand the method out.

5. Don\"t be swayed by greed

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What did Yudhishthir win out the greed? on the contrary, that lost everything he possessed--from his kingdom come his wealth. And also to gambling away a mrs in the quest of hubris! How can one probably justify that?

6. We cannot provide up on life in spite of all hurdles

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Who have the right to be a far better example for this than Karana? ideal from his birth, the \"suta-putra\" combated his way through life, fighting discrimination and disgrace at every stage. He almost became a puppet in the hand of fate. However no obstacle might ever deter that from follow his goal. And his devotion in the direction of his mother knew no bounds, to the extent that he even gave up his kavajkundal (his life-saving power) on her demand.

7. Being a mrs does no make girlfriend a lesser individual

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Yes, Draupadi was manoeuvred right into taking five husbands, she was humiliated by the Kauravas because that the fault of her own husband. She to be violated yet she to be bold sufficient to take it a stand. She ensured she obtained justice by vowing to wash her hair with the blood that Duryodhana and also Dushanana--perhaps one more reason that brought about the war. A woman like Draupadi will certainly not it is in passive, she will be fiery, she will certainly fight because that herself.

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