A pair months earlier I read a publication with the statement When the sunlight goes down and today in a movie I observed the guy said Let\"s wait because that the sunlight to come down. I think both are refering come the sunset.

But i beg your pardon of lock is far better to be provided or room there any kind of formal differences between the 2 sentences?


When the sunlight goes down is the typical use and type for a setting sun (as protest to the sun come up for a increasing one).

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The image in my head is a person standing on the beach in the evening waiting to take it a picture of the setup sun.

Let\"s wait because that the sun to come down appears to suggest that you\"re waiting for the sun to catch up to you because that some reason (as if you\"re front of the sun).

The picture in my head is a human standing on the coast in the so late afternoon and telling his/her friend(s) that they must stay till the sun reaches them and also sets in the distance.

There appears to it is in no formal difference, simply a directional thing. I guess if your back is come the horizon and also you\"re no watching the sun there, it\"s coming to you. And if you\"re encountering the horizon and also the sun is there, climate the sun is going native you.

On a side note, there room lyrics the songs v both versions.

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The sunlight comes up and also goes down. The is the language of appearance - when it come up, the is appearing from listed below the horizon and when the goes down, the is disappearing listed below the horizon. I\"ve never heard anyone usage the expression \"wait for the sunlight to come down\" - to me it sounds like they suppose it come land on their head.

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