Because a digital multimeter deserve to measure various things, you deserve to use it in a the majority of situations. This also way that as soon as you commonly use your multimeter for one application, there is a opportunity you’re only using a small part of the multimeter’s functionalities. 

One of the features most multimeters sell is the ability to measure resistance. In short, resistance is a measure up of just how easy the is for an electrical existing to flow through a certain component or (part of) a circuit.

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If you’ve ever tried measuring resistance, you might have come throughout an unlimited resistance. However what is infinite resistance on a multimeter? To find the price to that question, we’ll discuss what resistance is in more detail and also then incorporate it with measuring resistance on a multimeter.

What is resistance?

As we already mentioned, resistance is the lull or challenge that one electrical existing has to circulation through (a component of) an electric circuit. To make it easier to understand electrical current, us should first compare it to water flowing v a pipe.

The water is the electric current, when the pipeline is the ingredient of the electrical circuit. As lengthy as the pipe is in great condition, water flows v it without a problem. But when the pipe is partly clogged, it can not sustain the full capacity the water.


It works the very same with resistance in electricity. If a component is fully optimized for electrical energy to flow through, there will certainly be hardly any type of resistance (although no resistance at all is technically not possible).

The the opposite of resistance is conductance, which is why conductors play such critical role in electricity. The power lines that you deserve to see flow through the landscape and that are supported by high poles space conductors, together is anything else the is designed come take electrical power from one allude to another.

In an electric circuit, over there aren’t simply conductors developed in, but also resistors. Those resistors have actually a carefully balanced level of resistance the regulates the circulation in the electric circuit.

They likewise make a terrific example of why we can measure resistance. If those resistors are claimed to have actually a set resistance, us can easily measure this through our multimeter.

While resistors make to have a collection ‘tolerance’ that a certain amount the Ohms, age, and also other determinants can have actually an affect on the specific tolerance.

Here’s the basic introduction to using a digital multimeter to measure up a resistance that a resistor:

What room Ohms?

In the vault paragraph, we pointed out that resistors have a yongin of a collection amount that ‘Ohms’. Ohms, additionally known by your Ω symbol, is the unit in which we measure resistance, the same way we use the unit ‘pounds’ or ‘kilograms’ to measure up weight.

Ohms space named after the German physicist who around 1827 first thought the the idea that resistance in electricity: Georg Ohm. Resistance is currently a critical part of knowing electricity, and also the Ohm meter can be discovered on any decent multimeter.

If she measuring resistance, you’re measuring Ohms. While for the purpose of this blog post, we limit measure up resistance to an yes, really resistor, there are countless other applications because that measuring resistance, which provides the Ohm meter among the many used functions on your multimeter.

How do you measure up ohms?

To measure Ohms (or Ω), you need a multimeter that have the right to measure resistance. All the multimeters we function on our website have the capability to measure Ohms. Come prepare her multimeter, above the manual for your specific model, therefore you recognize where to placed your test leads.

Please keep in mind that if Ohm is the simple unit of measurement, periodically you’ll have to measure in milliohm, or mΩ, i beg your pardon is not a function that’s uncovered on every multimeter.

Once you’ve all set your multimeter and it’s turned on, placed a test command on each finish of the ingredient you want to test. In the instance of the resistor, just put one test command on every end and read the measurement.

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There are a couple of measurements that can pop increase on your screen. Aside from the measurement you expecting when you’re measure a resistor v a 1,000 Ω resistance, there space some other dimensions you have the right to see come up on her screen. One of those is OL or limitless resistance.