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given 5/3, we want to know which the 20/12,15/9, or 10/6 are identical fractions:

Each of this is tantamount to 5/3.

Fractions are indistinguishable if they have actually the same decimal expansion. In each situation the decimal because that the portion is `1.bar(6) `

likewise note the in each case we can...

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Given 5/3, we want to understand which the 20/12,15/9, or 10/6 are indistinguishable fractions:

Each of these is indistinguishable to 5/3.

Fractions are equivalent if they have the same decimal expansion. In each situation the decimal for the fraction is `1.bar(6) `

Also keep in mind that in each instance we deserve to multiply 5/3 by some form of 1 to gain the other fraction:

`5/3 * 4/4=20/12 `

`5/3*3/3=15/9 `

`5/3*2/2=10/6 `

Since 1 is the multiplicative identity (multiplying by 1 go not change the value) every of these stand for the same actual number.

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