The shape of a cap, a igloo, and that sort of things. What"s that shape called?

Is there a common method to describe it?


Dome is the word that concerns my mind


A dome is an aspect of architecture that each other the hollow upper half of a sphere.

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So although that is also a hemisphere, the dome is the top half of a sphere, which is what janoChen to be looking for


Half a circle called a semi-circle (with or without a hyphen).

semicircle noun a fifty percent of a circle or the its circumference.

Half a ball (like an igloo) is a hemisphere (which I"ve not typically seen hyphenated).

hemisphere noun a fifty percent of a sphere.

Note the circle is obtained from Latin, so takes a Latin prefix for "half", whereas sphere is obtained from Greek and also takes the Greek prefix.


I think you typical sphere, no circle, in which situation "hemi-sphere" is one more very/mathematical formal alternative to dome.

Sometimes you should use "arch" -- although arches are no sections the spheres but something slightly different...Google pictures is an extremely useful if an ext clarification is needed.

Finally a parabola is another variation not having to do with spheres or circles specifically yet still in the same family of concepts: curving to a suggest (in this case, at peak or in ~ bottom).


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