Grover is a young satyr tasked through looking the end for Percy in ~ Yancy Academy. Grover is in his at an early stage 20s, however he has the maturity level of a middle school student since satyrs only grow half as rapid as human beings do. He often wears a “rasta-style” lid to covering his horns when his curly hair no enough, and while they’re at Yancy, Percy believes the Grover is a normal boy with a muscle disorder that prevents him native running. He later on discovers the this is part of Grover’s disguise. Additionally, Grover need to fit his cloven hooves into human shoes making use of Styrofoam and his shoes space liable come come turn off if that runs. Percy believes that Grover is a normal son up until the Minotaur attacks and also Grover reveals that he’s a mythical biology who’s been sent to defend Percy native monsters. Grover’s personality shows Percy’s initial check out on the sort of person Grover is: Grover is qualified of being brave when he needs to be, however he’s typically disinterested in conflict and considers himself a failure. This is because, 5 years before the novel begins, Grover’s very first keeper assignment go horribly: he was assigned to protect Thalia, Zeus’s demigod daughter, yet he fail to do so. That did regulate to conserve Luke and also Annabeth instead, yet the the supervisory board of Cloven Elders fail Grover top top his assignment anyway. Grover has to live v the guilt and also the understanding that he is the reason Thalia is dead, also though Percy and Annabeth urge that Grover go the best thing. Grover agrees to walk on Percy’s pursuit in component so the he can prove self to the Council—he desperately desires to come to be a searcher for this reason he can go look for the god Pan, and also he must complete a keeper’s assignment first. However, Grover likewise goes due to the fact that his friendship v Percy is genuine and strong. For lot of the novel, Grover acts as a voice of reason and also as who who deserve to interpret percy’s conflicted emotions. That doesn’t always know precisely what’s walking on, yet he’s always more than all set to aid his friends when they require it. After ~ the quest, Grover earns his searcher’s license and also leaves to look because that Pan.

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The The Lightning Thief quotes below are all either talked by Grover or describe Grover. For each quote, girlfriend can likewise see the other characters and also themes regarded it (each template is suggested by its very own dot and icon, prefer this one:

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).Note: all web page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Puffin publications edition of The Lightning Thief released in 2005.

“Will Grover it is in okay?” ns asked Chiron.

Chiron nodded, though he looked a little troubled. “Old Dionysus isn’t really mad. He simply hates his job. He is been...ah, grounded, ns guess you would certainly say, and also he can’t was standing waiting one more century before he’s permitted to go earlier to Olympus.”