The beam or bar the a lever.

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axleA column on which a wheel revolves.
driven gearThe gear receiving the force.
driving gearThe gear transmitting the force.
effortThe pressure needed to move a load.
forceA press or traction on an object; measure in newtons.
frictionA pressure that resists activity whenever the surface of 2 objects rub versus each other.
fulcrumThe pivot point on a lever.
gearA wheel with teeth.
gear ratioThe proportion of the number of rotations the the driving gear to the moved gear.
inclined planeA simple maker consisting that a flat surface that is slanted.
jouleA measurement for a unit of work.
leverA simple maker consisting of a rigid bar the is cost-free to pivot on a fulcrum.
loadAn object the requires pressure to be relocated over a distance.
lubricantA substance provided to alleviate friction.
machineA mechanical maker that helps people do occupational with less force.
mechanical advantageThe benefit created through using machine that enables people come do work-related while using less force.
mobileAn assembly of delicately well balanced levers rely from over by a thread.
newtonThe international unit the force.
pulleyA simple device that is a wheel v a grooved in salt in i beg your pardon a rope have the right to run to change the direction that the pressure that lifts a load.
rampAn lean plane.
screwA simple machine consisting of an inclined plane wrapped about a cylinder.
simple machineA machine that requires just the force of a person to perform work. Over there are 6 types.
threadThe inclined plane that is wrapped around and also protrudes from the pillar of a screw.
tractionThe lot of friction in between two surfaces that allows one surface ar to travel throughout another.
wedgeA simple device that is composed of 2 or much more inclined airplane positioned to kind a thin edge.
wheelA disk that turns roughly an axis.
workThe result of a pressure moving an object over a distance.
distanceHow far something moves.
inertiaThe propensity of a relocating object to stay in activity or a resting object to continue to be resting.
energyThe ability to carry out work.
potential energyStored energy.
kinetic energyEnergy of motion.

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wheel & axleA simple maker that is composed of a huge wheel addressed to a smaller sized wheel or shaft called an axle.