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The Outsiders is an examination of 1960"s youth society and the effects of peer push on young men.

Slang has advanced and changed significantly in the decades following the 2nd World War. Many words the were typical are now obscenities, if others that were shocking are currently commonplace . One...

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The Outsiders is an examination of 1960"s youth society and the results of peer pressure on young men.

Slang has developed and changed significantly in the decades following the 2nd World War. Many words that were common are currently obscenities, if others the were shocking are currently commonplace. One instance of just how context shifts in time is the word "weed." Once definition only an undesirable plant which spreads and blocks fertile crops, it has end up being common vernacular because that any type of marijuana, alongside "pot," "dope," "ganja," "bash," and also many rather which have developed over time. However, the word did not always mean marijuana, rather existing briefly prior to the heydays that the 1960s hippie as a common term for a simple tobacco cigarette. This is an instance of exactly how something viewed as rebellious and cool i do not care "normal" or boring, and is climate appropriated to the next rebellion: in this case, the rebellion of smoking tobacco came to be so commonplace the the slang hatchet "weed" changed to mean the even an ext culturally scandalous marijuana cigarette.

"Wish I had me a weed." mine knees to be shaking as I finished drying off, sitting over there in my jeans.<...>"You desire to view a movie before we go see Johnny and also Dallas?""Nope," i said, lighting up an additional weed.

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ns still had a headache, but I felt better... That way you can tell the other male was person too.(Hinton, The Outsiders, amazon.com)

Written in the 1960s, the novel is set in the mid-1950s, when the stereotypical "greaser" character was a young, rebellious male with greased hair, a quick car, and also a animal leather jacket. Prior to the 1960s marijuana was no as popular nor as culturally negative, and also smoking tobacco cigarettes was viewed as edgy and cool. Cultured guys smoked pipe or cigars, if the tobacco still held a stigma that poverty, and also so embodied the anti-authoritarian stance of the greaser. In the novel, "a weed" is a tobacco cigarette, i beg your pardon is smoked much more for result than for nicotine addiction; that use here is to show how the young personalities in the novel show bravado when hiding their insecurities and also immature fears.