Here are 15 easy methods to substitute for almond extract as soon as you’re in a pinch or because that those v a seed allergy + just how to make her own!

Almond extract is a famous dessert and baking ingredient. It’s likewise used in lots beverage and also hot chocolate recipes. You’ve probably enjoyed it’s strong, nutty and also sweet odor in recipes through cherry, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavors.

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If friend don’t have any on hand, you could wonder what you can use to substitute its warm and aromatic flavor.

Luckily, there are numerous easy ways to substitute because that almond extract and easy methods to make her own.

Below, space the finest almond extract replacements that can stand in because that almond extract in a pinch and also for those v an allergy come nuts, to add a basic DIY recipe.

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Common methods to Substitute because that Almond ExtractRecipes through Almond Extract

Common methods to Substitute because that Almond Extract

Almond extract has actually a strong flavor, so you’ll generally need to use more of her replacement ingredient to attain a comparable potency.

Each substitute ingredient will certainly make her dish taste a bit different, so make certain it goes well through the various other ingredients in the recipe. Girlfriend should also pay attention to your proportion of dry and wet ingredients.

If you require a the majority of a certain liquid substitute, friend should take into consideration decreasing the amount of your other wet ingredient to compensate.

1. Vanilla Extract


Vanilla has a comparable warmth and comforting aroma together almond extract. It is supplied in comparable recipes and makes a good substitute since it’s a more popular ingredient. It’s likely you have actually some in her pantry best now.

It doesn’t have as an effective a flavor, for this reason you’ll have to use twice as lot vanilla in your recipe together you would certainly almond extract.

2. Almond-Flavored Liqueur


An almond-flavored liqueur (like Amaretto) is another easy substitute. These liqueurs deserve to be made from apricot pits, almonds, or both.

You’ll need quite a bit much more liqueur to achieve the exact same potency as almond extract, though. It is in extra cautious with the various other wet and dry ingredient in her recipe as soon as baking.

You’ll require 4-8 times as much liqueur together you would almond extract.

3. Imitation Almond Extract


Synthetic or imitation almond extract is the perfect substitute because that those who have a seed allergy. It’s made making use of BENZALDEHYDE and also not almond oil. Thankfully, pure and imitation extracts taste essentially the same.

Use as a 1 to 1 substitute.

4. Vanilla bean


Vanilla bean provides a an ideal replacement because that almond extract in baking recipes. Save in mind, you might see part dark flecks in her dessert if it is light in color.

Again, you’ll need much more vanilla bean dough to replace almond extract. Substitute 2 to 1.

5. Maraschino Cherry Juice

Did you know cherry pits taste choose almonds? Or, for this reason I’ve heard! Cherry and almond spices play well together and also are sometimes used in the same recipes.

While it may seem unusual, cherry juice have the right to make wonderful almond extract substitute. Change 4 components cherry juice to 1 component almond extract in your recipe.

6. Cinnamon

Ground cinnamon is a great, fragrant spice the lends fine to recipes that speak to for almond flavor. Cinnamon is best used together a substitute for almond in non-fruity desserts.

Use 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per 2 fall of almond extract.

7. Orange Zest

Orange zest functions well as an almond instead of in small cakes and also cupcakes, muffins, and pies, especially those through fruit involved. It additionally makes a good addition to icing and also filling recipes.

Use 1 tespoon orange zest every 2-3 fall of almond extract.

8. Walnut Extract

A great way to instead of almond extract in a cooking recipes is come use one more nut extract. Walnut has a great, nutty odor that works well with numerous baked goodies.

For most recipes, you deserve to go with a 1:1 ratio.

9. Pecan Extract

Pecan extract is another great, nutty replacement for almonds. You deserve to use it as a instead of the same means you would certainly walnuts. Imagine how delicious this would certainly be in vacation baking recipes!

10. Hazelnut Extract

Enter another an excellent nut extract, hazelnut! girlfriend can likewise use this as a 1 to 1 instead of in many recipes. Hazelnut has a great, warm and also nutty odor that works perfectly because that baked goods and beverages, especially seasonal goodies.

11. Diluted Almond vital Oil

Almond essential oil is most regularly used in cosmetics to do things choose soap, but it deserve to be provided for cook applications once diluted. Just a very little amount have to be used because it is so extremely concentrated.

Start through a tiny drop and also add an ext if desired.

12. Mint Extract

Here’s one more extract ingredient that can be supplied as a 1 to 1 substitute. Mint extract is additionally nut-free and friendly come those through allergies. Mint works best to change almond extract in chocolate recipes. Simply be certain you choose the taste prior to making the switch.

13. Chocolate Extract

If you take place to have some chocolate extract lying about or find it in a store, you can use the to replace almond extract in baked goods like cakes, cookies, and details pies. Girlfriend could also use the in beverages like hot chocolate.

Use as a 1 to 1 substitute for applicable recipes.

14. Leave it out!

If her recipe doesn’t rely heavily on almond flavor, and also it currently includes ingredients prefer vanilla and also butter, you have the right to simply omit the almond extract. Your recipe will certainly obviously shed some flavor, yet will likely still it is in delicious!

DIY Almond Extract


It’s really simple to do your own almond extract, however it can take at least a couple that months to construct the appropriate flavor. It’s absolutely not a fast substitute option, yet once you have actually a perfect batch, it will last a long time.

Here’s a straightforward recipe to try:


12 skinned almonds1 cup vodka or 1 cup food-grade glycerin


First, easy TOAST the almonds end medium-high warmth to lug out the flavor. Allow them to take it on a small color yet do no let them brown.

REMOVE the almonds indigenous the pan and also CHOP castle into small chunks.

PLACE the almonds right into a sealable glass jar and also POUR 1 cup that vodka or glycerin over the almonds.

Allow the mixture come sit for a couple of months for this reason the flavors can develop, SHAKING consistently for finest results.

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Recipes through Almond Extract

And here’s a delicious recipe for cinnamon white warm chocolate. Use this to try out her favorite substitute for almond extract, above.