The Lincoln Penny is among the most iconic American coins mainly due to the fact that of exactly how long it has actually been produced and how commonly it is used. For collectors, enlarge versions the the Lincoln penny have actually recently come to be must-have items. The 1954 Lincoln fits that bill perfectly, and now is as an excellent a time as ever before to obtain your hands on one.

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The obverse next of the 1954 Lincoln penny features in the center the photo of Abraham Lincoln, portrayed in remarkable detail. Come the right of Lincoln’s photo is a raised engraving marking the 1954 year the minting. The opposite the day marking is one that reads “Liberty.” Finally, the phrase “In God we Trust” is arching overtop the Lincoln’s image.

The turning back of the Lincoln coin does not feature imagery in the facility but, rather, two increased inscriptions. One of the engravings reads “United states of America,” if the various other marks the “One Cent” confront value. Top top either next of the turning back you will notice two solitary stalks of wheat, which is why the coin is sometimes referred to as the “Wheat Penny.” The Latin expression “E Pluribus Unum” deserve to be checked out arching overtop that the reverse.

Grading the 1954 Lincoln Penny

The 1954 Lincoln coin is a great coin and also equally great addition to any type of collection. Through that gift said, collectors will not work out for just any kind of 1954 Lincoln. Instead, they favor to add only those coins that have been well-preserved and also those that have been graded. Listed below we will present you come the different coin grades as well as what they mean for the appearance of the 1954 Lincoln.

Uncirculated: Uncirculated is the grade supplied to define 1954 Lincolns that have never to be circulated. These coins, having actually never exchanged hands and never been supplied on the open market, will look specifically as they go the work they were minted. Naturally, these are the cream the the chop as far as collectors room concerned.

Extremely Fine: If a coin is figured out to it is in of incredibly Fine grade, this means that when it might look flawless, there will certainly be a minor defect or two. Though numerous of the imperfections on this Lincoln pennies room not easily discernable with the naked eye, they will be uncovered through the grading process.

Fine:  A coin the is determined to be of good grade is one the was circulated, yet has not been too greatly damaged. Girlfriend will an alert light scratching and also a couple of minor chips, constant with coins that have actually been circulated, but every one of the major, raised facets of the coin will certainly still it is in intact.

Good: A coin that is determined to it is in of an excellent grade is one that has actually been very heavily circulated and also damaged. Despite the exact damages can differ dramatically, friend will an alert a lot of smoothing and scratching. In fact, some of the raised facets of the coin will have been worn down almost completely.

Pricing the 1954 Lincoln Penny

If friend would favor to identify the worth of a 1954 Lincoln penny, this is other that have the right to be done as soon as you take into consideration a few different piece of information. For one, over there were up to 3 different varieties of Lincoln pennies created most years, the value of the coin will certainly vary based upon type. Beyond that, the great of the coin will additionally weigh heavily on the value. Listed below you will see a graph aimed at offering you a far better idea that what the 1954 Lincoln coin is worth provided its type and condition.

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Lincoln Pennies

1954 Lincoln PennyN/AN/A$0.35$0.45
1954 Lincoln coin (D)N/AN/A$0.12$0.20
1954 Lincoln coin (S)N/AN/A$0.12$0.20
Source: Red Book

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