People with a penis may pick to temporarily or permanently block sperm from coming out when they ejaculate.

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Others may have actually a medical problem that stays clear of sperm from exiting the body.

In this article, we look in ~ why civilization block sperm, even if it is there room side effects, and also when to view a doctor around ejaculation issues.

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People may have actually a condition that avoids sperm indigenous leaving the body, or lock may choose to block ejaculate for various reasons, even if it is temporarily or permanently.

Blocking sperm ~ above purpose during sex

People may delay ejaculation during edging, which is a method to host off one orgasm during masturbation or sex. For some people, this may make one orgasm feel much more intense and also pleasurable, follow to the International society for Sexual medication (ISSM).

With edging, a human being reaches a level of sexual stimulation leading up to an orgasm. Castle then minimize stimulation to prevent the orgasm, then increase it to technique orgasm again. Lock can proceed this cycle till they want to orgasm.

People may additionally use edging to help manage premature ejaculation.

They may likewise practice semen retention as component of tantric sex. Part techniques might involve orgasms without ejaculation, such together Karezza. This technique focuses on breathing, meditation, and certain postures and also methods. The aim is to create an orgasm there is no ejaculation, come sustain sex-related activity.


Anejaculation is as soon as a human being with a dick is can not to ejaculate semen. There are two types:

Primary: People through a prick who have constantly had anejaculationSecondary: People v a dick who develop anejaculation, but have formerly been able to ejaculate semen

According come the ISSM, reasons of this condition include:

injury, such regarding the spinal cord or pelvic areainfectionssurgery to the pelvic area, i m sorry may influence pelvic nerves

Treating the underlying cause may help resolve anejaculation. If fertility is an worry for males with this condition, medical actions are obtainable to aid stimulate ejaculation or extract sperm.

Retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition that reasons semen to enter the bladder rather of leave the body throughout orgasm. Human being with retrograde ejaculation might produce little to no semen once they orgasm.

The ISSM speak retrograde ejaculation go not damage a person’s bladder or the remainder of their body. The semen simply mixes v urine and also leaves the body when they urinate.

Symptoms deserve to include:

cloudy-looking urine, as result of the presence of semendry orgasms, where human being still feel pleasure but expel tiny to no semen

Damage to muscles or nerves in the pelvic area can reason retrograde ejaculation. Causes can include:

surgery ~ above the bladder or prostate glanddiabetesmultiple sclerosisalpha-blockers

Doctors will need to emphasis on the underlying problem to manage retrograde ejaculation. One example is pseudoephedrine, a medication that may treat some cases.

Retrograde ejaculation is not harmful come someone’s health, but it affect fertility. Retrieving sperm from the urine for fertility treatments might be an choice for human being who want a organic child.


Some civilization may block sperm from coming the end permanently by having actually a vasectomy. This operation procedure block the tubes that carry sperm, avoiding it from coming out throughout ejaculation.

Many people pick vasectomy as a type of birth regulate to protect against a mrs sexual partner from gaining pregnant.

The testicles do sperm, i m sorry travels out of the scrotum with a tube referred to as the vas deferens. During ejaculation, sperm mixes v semen and comes out v the urethra, a pipe in the penis.

Semen contains approximately 10% sperm, v the rest consisting of:

enzymesvitamin Ccalciumproteinsodiumzinccitric acidfructose sugar

If sperm walk not take trip out by ejaculation, the human body breaks under semen and reabsorbs it. The may likewise release the sperm throughout nocturnal emission, likewise known together a wet dream.

If civilization have had a vasectomy, their sperm remains inside the body and does not mix into the semen. The testes continue to develop sperm, however the human body reabsorbs it.

No evidence says blocking sperm can reason harm or an adverse side effects. Unejaculated sperm is not harmful to the body and does not develop up.

The human body reabsorbs sperm the does no leave through ejaculation. This has no side results on sex journey or fertility.

However, there may be feasible side results in people who hold-up or stop ejaculating when sexually aroused. Epididymal hypertension is when male sex-related arousal walk not result in orgasm or ejaculation. World may refer to it as blue balls.

Symptoms of epididymal hypertension may encompass mild to major scrotal pain.

There are several factors why human being ejaculate.

To conceive a child

Ejaculation during vaginal sex is the many common means for a male and also female partner to develop a child.

For sexual pleasure

Many people choose to ejaculate for sexual pleasure. A 2013 testimonial looked at the link between ejaculation and male sex-related pleasure. The research says orgasm and also ejaculation space two distinct processes in the body.

It concludes that whether a person gets sex-related pleasure indigenous ejaculation is based on their spatu perception.

May minimize prostate cancer risk

Ejaculation might have particular health benefits. High occurrences of ejaculation might reduce the hazard of prostate cancer.

One study examines this, evaluating 31,925 male health experts in the United says from 1992 come 2010. The attendees were mainly Caucasian people aged 40–75.

They to fill in a questionnaire in 1992 detailing how frequently they ejaculated every month at various ages. The follow-ups looked at instances of prostate cancer and the link between ejaculation frequencies.

The study discovered an combination between much more frequent ejaculation and a decreased risk the prostate cancer. However, researchers must study this subject further.

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Ejaculation may not influence sperm quality

A 2015 study looked at exactly how ejaculation frequency affect sperm quality. The examine concludes that day-to-day ejaculation across 2 weeks had actually no an adverse effect ~ above sperm role or quality.