1. Conference 10 civilization from almost everywhere in pet Jam and also tell castle tohop on the ice in Mt. Shiveer.

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2. Wait a pair of minute so animal Jam can generate thebroken ice.

3. Once you break the ice, friend will fall in one underwater bluehole. (you"ll probably loss down in a room)

4. The an initial time when you break the ice, you will acquire 3 monthmembership which offers 90 days, 6000 gems, 10 diamonds and also all theheaddresses and betas.

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5. The 2nd time as soon as you rest the ice, friend will gain 12,000gems.

I expect this helped you a lot. Buddy me I"m games0493. If girlfriend do,you"ll it is in entering a giveaway of my spikes collars!

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Is this aj pc?
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