You’re sit on the couch through your dog, watching a movie or the game, enjoying a cheesy snack of hot Cheetos.

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Your phone call rings, you jump approximately grab the in the other room, and leave the bag of hot Cheetos ~ above the coffee table.

By the moment you’re back – probably two or 3 minutes – you uncover that your dog is shoulder deep in the bag, eating simply as plenty of of this snacks as possible (and likely has actually been because that at least a couple of minutes).

What do you do?

Are you taking care of a nightmare scenario once dogs eat Cheetos?

Are these some of the human foods items dogs have the right to eat without resulting in a most trouble to their digestive system?

What sort of side effects should you be on the lookout for if Cheetos are poor for dogs?

Below we dig a small bit depths into every little thing you have to know around what happens as soon as your dog ate hot Cheetos!

What wake up If a Dog Eats hot Cheetos?


Right the end of the gate, it’s a good idea to take it a 2nd to have actually a deep breath and also relax – this certain kind of human being food (Cheetos) isn’t super toxic or poisonous because that our favourite furry tiny family members to snack on as soon as in a while.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily typical that her dog must be eat Cheetos all the time – specifically not a flamin’ hot Cheeto.

But that does median that lock aren’t going to have their quick or long-term wellness put in jeopardy the way that eat a bar of coco might have, because that example.

A pair of things are (likely) walk to occur after your dog ate hot Cheetos:

First, they are going to obtain pretty nasty gas native the garlic powder, monosodium glutamate, cornmeal “popcorn or corn dogs”, and also other ingredients inside of Cheetos that normally never provides it right into a standard dog diet.

Secondly, the odds space pretty an excellent that all the extra gas structure up in your dog is walking to create a the majority of discomfort.

They room going to whine, they space going come complain, and they room (definitely) walking to want to walk out and also use the bathroom and also 20 or 30 minutes after eat this sort of person food like hot dog.

Thirdly, and this is specifically true if your dog has consumed a many Cheetos puff or nacho cheese puff, castle are probably going to resolve at least a tiny bit of nausea, potential vomiting, and maybe even some diarrhea.

These type of reactions are (thankfully) a little rarer 보다 we might think once dogs dive right into a flaming warm Cheetos bag – however they carry out happen.

It’s that these type of super an unfavorable reactions the you want to keep your eye peeled for specifically.

We dig a small bit deeper into that in just a minute, though.

Can warm Cheetos death a Dog?

A rapid look at the ingredient perform of warm Cheetos will tell you the they room (primarily) the exact same as every other one of your favourite junk foods items – basically filled to the brim through empty calories, onion and also garlic powder, numerous salt, chili peppers, and also stuff like monosodium glutamate (MSG).

The majority of these ingredients are not taken into consideration toxic come dogs, despite they definitely aren’t the kind of point you desire to offer your dog ~ above a constant basis, either.

Nutritional value question marks aside, the factor you don’t desire to flood her dog’s daily diet v in ingredient list prefer this has a lot much more to carry out with the fact that it will wreck your digestive system from the inside out – bring about diarrhea, vomiting, etc. – that can put your health and also wellness in jeopardy.

It doesn’t take it a lot because that dogs to gain dehydrated.

That’s critically important to understand.


Even simply a small bit that dehydration can prove to be yes, really dangerous for her favorite four-legged family members member, specifically if friend aren’t in track to of the signs and symptoms that this sort of condition.

Prolonged dehydration caused by excess salt from these greatly cornmeal and also other additive foods can also shut down crucial organs in her dog.

That’s the sort of thing that is walking to present a serious clinical emergency that requires veterinarian help ASAP.

But a pair of these snacks every now and again?

Especially if your dog only sneaks castle on accident when you weren’t being fairly as careful as you most likely should have been?

That’s generally not walk to develop a life-threatening situation.

No, friend don’t necessarily desire to be offering Cheetos to her dog all that regularly – or mix it increase in your dog food – yet if lock steal one or if castle grab one that you reduce on the floor it’s no the finish of the world.

Can dog Eat hot Chips?

To placed it bluntly, any kind of warm chips “potato chips” – including Flamin hot Cheetos – yes, really don’t belong in the daily diet of her furry tiny family member.

Sure, favor we mentioned earlier, dogs can obtain away with eating Cheetos every now and also again (even Flamin warm Cheetos) but it’s not something that you desire to provide them over and over again or provide them ~ above a constant basis.

The lot of onion powder, garlic powder, corn meal, and especially the quantity of sodium that finds its way into this formulas – no to cite saturated fat, sugar, and all kinds of food additives and also coloring agents – just have no place in the diet that a dog.

Truth it is in told, that these kinds of chemistry concoction ingredients that consist of some that our favourite junk foods items probably don’t have that lot of a location in a healthy and balanced diet because that people, either!

On top of that, canines in basic have never had a lot of exposure come chili powder or chili peppers – or anything else that we love to placed in our favorite spicy foodstuffs or spicy flavor.

It’s not like old canines and also their dog ancestors were popping right into restaurants, having a look in ~ the food selection to discover something spicy food, and also then gobbled it increase on a consistent basis.

Dog internal systems just aren’t all the wired to take care of a the majority of extra spice and also a most extra salt the way that a human being body has been maybe to it is adapted to these type of food ingredients.

Chili powder, canola oil, and Yellow 6 aren’t found all that frequently in the wild!

So no, it’s no a good idea come feed your dog warm chips, tortilla chips – specifically if you’re trying come make sure that the food they do eat will have actually positive health benefits later down the line.

What need to I do If mine Dog Eats warm Cheetos?


If your dog only snuck one or 2 Flamin warm Cheetos prior to you noticed, climate you more than likely don’t have too lot to problem about.

You won’t need to call the vet. You won’t must rush them come an pet hospital.

Now, you might want to save an eye on castle – making sure that castle aren’t acting the end of the plain (which for all dogs is a small different), however you have to be good to go.

Obviously smaller sized dogs room most likely to resolve adverse side results than larger dogs, but even the tiniest of dog shouldn’t have too lot to problem about.

If, ~ above the other hand, you’re managing a pooch the has eaten a grasp of Flamin hot Cheetos – or also just a bunch of constant Cheetos, because that that issue – climate you can want to do that call to the vet and also let them recognize what’s up.

They’ll most likely tell you to save a near eye on your dogs come make sure that they are acting all right, or they might recommend that you carry them in because that a closer inspect (that day or in the morning).

If girlfriend are taking care of dogs that have actually eaten an entire bag that these type of snacks the you are managing something else entirely.

You’ll certainly want to do that call to her veterinarian ASAP, allow them understand that they’ve had way too plenty of dog Cheetos, and also make an appointment for them to it is in seen just as quickly as friend can.

This is double true if you begin to an alert any breath issues, any type of diarrhea, or any type of vomiting.

Those space signs and also symptoms of other gone really wrong and you desire to have actually those issues addressed straightaway.

There’s no real cut or answer because that how countless crunchy Cheetos can dogs eat for sure (none is always much better than some), but as a general ascendancy of ignorance them eating under of this type of spicy snack is always much better than them eating a whole bunch.

Signs and also Symptoms come Look for once My Dog Eats Something lock Shouldn’t

The just thing that you really must pay close attention to v your dog (or any dogs you come in call with that could have consumed a snack choose this) are apparent signs the anemia.

Most of us think about anemia as an issue that encounters the blood cells of the body, however garlic and also onion poisoning in dog can cause anemia together well.

Symptoms the this risk to a dog’s wellness will manifest in part pretty noticeable ways, though, including:

• general lethargy and decreased power levels

• A complete loss that appetite

• Labored breathing

• challenge moving around

If girlfriend spot any of these things plaguing her pooch after lock have consumed Cheetos (or anything else poor for dogs, for the matter) it’s important that you acquire these dogs assist ASAP.

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It doesn’t take lengthy for something prefer anemia (brought on through garlic or onion poisoning, 2 ingredients in a Cheetos snack) to reason some serious wellness issues.