Ernest Lee cutting board Biography

Ernest Lee cutting board is an American actor that was born in Gary, Indiana, U.S. That is most renowned for his function as roger “Raj” cutting board on the 1970s alphabet sitcom What’s Happening!!, its 1980s sequel, What’s happening Now!!, and for Everybody Hates kris where he played a recurring role as Mr. Omar. He is married come his wife, dancer Julie Robinson.

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Ernest Lee thomas Age

Thomas was born on in march 26, 1949, in Gary, Indiana, USA. He started his acting career as a Broadway gibbs in 1974. Thomas is 71 years old as of 2020.

Ernest Lee thomas Height

He appears to it is in a male of median stature if his photos relative to his surroundings space anything to go by. However, Thomas’s really height and other body measurements are right now unavailable.

Ernest Lee cutting board Wife

Thomas has maintained a low an essential personal life. In his plenty of years in the limelight, that has managed to store his an individual relationships far from the public. Some resources state the he has never been married and also has no children. We, however, cannot substantiate this as really scanty information is available.

Ernest Lee cutting board Everybody hates Chris

Lee thomas played a recurring function in the American period sitcom, Everybody hates Chris. It is based on the troubled teenage experiences of comedian kris Rock throughout the 1980s. Back Rock self was a teenager between 1978 and 1984, having been born in 1965, the display is set between 1982 and 1987. The location of the show is a parody the the hit CBS sitcom, anyone Loves Raymond.

Ernest Lee thomas What’s Happening!!

During the taping that The Jeffersons show, Ernest Lee thomas learned of one audition for the upcoming comedy sitcom What’s Happening!!, loosely based upon the 1975 movie Cooley High. Eventually, cutting board went ~ above to win the duty of i get it “Raj” cutting board on the show, which aired indigenous 1976 to 1979. Haywood Nelson likewise played the role of Dwayne.

Thomas was associated in other acting film and also TV projects throughout the show’s run, including Baretta, Roots, The Brady Bunch Hour and the movie A piece of the activity starring Sidney Poitier and also Bill Cosby. Despite the collection rated well, What’s Happening!! was canceled after ~ its third season in the early on spring of 1979.

Ernest Lee thomas Kappa Alpha Psi

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, incorporated is a collegiate Greek-letter fraternity that is in the history African-American. It was formed at the elevation of racism but has never restricted membership based on color, creed or nationwide origin. Cutting board is a member of this fraternity. In 2019, he post a throwback picture on Instagram where he was v members of the fraternity with the caption:

This photograph was at Indiana State university at among our Kappa Alpha Psi functions but I noticed the I’m feather in a various direction than everyone else. And although i love gift a Kappa ns don’t believe I’ve ever felt comfortable in any kind of group or any type of place however I do understand that I’m owned and operated by Jesus Christ.

Ernest Lee thomas Net Worth

Thomas is an American gibbs who started his experienced acting job in the theater. He an initial made a name for himself showing up in back-to-back Broadway revivals in the mid-70s, “Love for Love” and “Member the the Wedding”. Indigenous his lengthy acting career, he has earned an approximated net precious of $500 thousand.

Lee Thomas’ photo (Then and now)

Ernest Lee thomas Eye Injury

Lee Thomas has actually an eye condition called amblyopia. Also called lazy eye, amblyopia is a disorder of sight because of low eye and brain coordination. It outcomes in diminished vision in one eye that otherwise typically appears normal. Amblyopia the most common cause of reduced vision in a solitary eye amongst children and younger adults. It is worth noting the the problem was not brought about by any type of physical injury suffered by Thomas.

Ernest Lee thomas Movies and also Tv Shows

What’s Happening!! (TV Series) native 1976 come 1979 as i get it ‘Raj’ Thomas.

A item of the Action, 1977, as John.

What’s happening Now!! (TV Series), 1985-1988, as i get it ‘Raj’ Thomas.

Kiss and also Be Killed, 1991, as Det. Ross.

Malcolm X, 1992, together Sidney.

The Watermelon Heist, 2003, together Jailer.

Dickie Roberts: former Child Star, 2003, together Ernest Thomas.

Everybody Hates kris (TV Series), 2005-2009, together Mr. Omar / Funeral manager / Radical Man.

Paroled, 2007, as Royce Henderson.

Funny People, 2009, together Yo Teach Principal.

The Lords the Salem, 2012, as Chip McDonald (Frankenstein and the Witchhunter) (uncredited).

The Pastor and Mrs. Jones, 2013, together Pastor.

Basketball Girlfriend, 2014, as Lenny.

Revenge, 2014, together Neville.

The Slimbones, 2014, as Uncle AB.

Mega Shark vs. Kolossus, 2015, as Admiral Titus Jackson.

Chocolate City, 2015, as Diner Manager.

’79 Parts, 2016, as Priore.

Stop Bullying Now: Live from the big House, 2016, together Himself.

Earworm, 2016, (short)

Chocolate City: las vegas Strip, 2017, as Mr. Williams.

The Gods, 2017, as Olympus.

Two Wolves, 2017, together Olivier.

Frequently request questions about Ernest Lee Thomas.

How old is Ernest Lee Thomas?

Ernest is 71 year old as of 2020. He was born on march 26, 1949, in Gary, Indiana, USA.

How much is Ernest thomas Worth?

He has actually an approximated net precious of $500 thousand.

What’s keep going Ernest Thomas?

Thomas play the function of i get it “Raj” cutting board on the sitcom What’s Happening!!

Is Ernest Lee cutting board married?

Some sources state that he has never to be married and also has no children. We, however, can not substantiate this as an extremely scanty information is available.

Ernest Lee cutting board Instagram

2 sold-out reflects Friday and Saturday just tomorrow is the critical day I'm so happy because that my friend DANA S. Hubbard the writer and director this is his 11 continuous sold-out display so say thanks to you GOD give thanks to you JESUS!!!

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