One Piece: The 10 best Episodes that The Alabasta Arc (According come IMDb) The One piece Alabasta arc, the eleventh, has a trove of terrific episodes. Here are the 10 ideal episodes the the anime follow to IMDb.

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One Piece has been delivering top quality content for number of years now. Every arc gives a the majority of entertainment to the fans. We have seen a lot of brilliant arcs so far in the collection and Alabasta is among them. The Alabasta arc is the eleventh arc in One Piece.

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The arc beginning after north Island arc once Chopper join the Straw Hats, it starts through episode 92 and also it ends v episode 130. The Straw Hats faced a huge challenge in this arc and also many consider it to be the first real test because that the Straw cap Pirates. With a lot of of vital episodes, Alabasta is an impressive arc. Right here are the height ten illustration ranked according to IMDb ratings.

In this episode, Chopper tries his finest to distract Crocodile which offers Sanji v a home window of opportunity to free the crew. However, Crocodile was simply too smart and imprisons them as soon as again, together Smoker.

They use Mr. 3 strength to gain out the 2nd time. After ~ seeing the Luffy asked Zoro to save him, Smoker has actually a fully changed opinion top top Luffy and also he actually doesn"t chase after him once the Straw Hats leaving the place.

Chaka is wary of the risk the rebels pose and he orders the security to assault them. Koza and also co. Do their method towards Alubarna, while the Straw Hats are still trapped in Crocodile"s cell. Crocodile mocks them together he is confident the they will at some point die as soon as the water fills the room completely. Sanji calls Crocodile on his transponder snail and he supplies the alias "Mr. Prince." Vivi rushes out to obtain Sanji"s help, but she"s shocked by him when she does.

8 illustration 119: Essence the a Mighty Sword! The power to cut Steel and the Breath of every Things! (8.2)

This episode has one the the ideal moments in the entire series. After Nami"s tedious fight against Miss Doublefinger, which ended with Nami beating she opponent, the focus shifted in the direction of the fight in between Roronoa Zoro and also Mr. 1.

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Given Mr. 1"s evil one fruit, the is nearly impossible for any type of swordsman to beat him. It was a huge ask for Zoro to fight Mr. 1. In order to beat Mr. 1, Zoro necessary the strength to reduced through steel. Zoro to be smacked about for most of the fight, but like every other time he ultimately delivered. He managed to get the much better of Mr. 1 and also finally defeated him.

7 illustration 122: Sand Crocodile and Water Luffy! fatality Match: ring 2! (8.2)

After gift outclassed through Crocodile in their an initial fight, Luffy attempts come fight the again. That tries come fight Crocodile together he knows the weak of Crocodile"s adversary fruit capacity now. He offers water come fight, yet the result is tho the same.

Luffy is beaten when again by Crocodile. The remaining Straw Hats try to find a bomb prior to it explodes. Nico Robin is guided come the location of the Pluton poneglyph through King Cobra.

Well, this illustration is good when you"re city hall it because that the an initial time. However, if friend have currently completed the arc, you would know that this episode doesn"t worthy to be optimal 10. The episode focuses on the bomb that was surprise by Crocodile.

Crocodile had actually the bomb inside the clock tower. Vivi find the bomb, yet she needs to fight Mr. 7 and also Miss. Father"s Day. She manages to beat them, yet she doesn"t have sufficient time to avoid it. So, out of nowhere comes Pell and he carries the bomb to the sky and also "sacrifices" himself.

5 illustration 130: Beware she Scent! The saturday One is Nico Robin! (8.2)

after Crocodile is ultimately taken under by Luffy, things start to come to be normal in Alabasta. The Marines fail to record the Straw Hats yet again. As soon as the crew escaped, they saw Nico Robin coming the end of the cabin from within the ship.

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Everyone is surprised to view Robin, however, she manages to convince the crew to let her sign up with in. In the direction of the end, we check out Pell still alive. He regulated to survive the blast because that no factor whatsoever.

In the episode, we view the Straw Hats at Nanohana. The Straw Hats soon face a difficulty as they conference Smoker and Tashigi. The problems don"t prevent there together Luffy is running wild elsewhere.

This episode had a major revelation. It was ultimately revealed the Portgas D. Ace is the big brother the Luffy. The is the second department commander that the Whitebeard Pirates. Smoker make the efforts to chase Luffy and also Straw Hats. However, Ace steps in and prevents Smoker indigenous chasing the Straw Hats.

3 illustration 110: Merciless Fight to the Death! Luffy vs. Crocodile! (8.3)

The Straw Hats and Vivi start to cross the desert in bespeak to with Alubarna. Alubarna is the location where the Straw Hats will have the final battle against Crocodile. However, Crocodile captures Vivi. Luffy manages to adjust places with Vivi, though. The starts his first battle versus Crocodile. The battle ends all of sudden as Crocodile quickly overwhelms Luffy in the fight.

after Crocodile"s defeat, things begin to progressively turn earlier to common in Alabasta. In this episode, Vivi and Straw Hats lastly go their separate ways. Vivi decides to stay ago in the kingdom of Alabasta. The Straw Hats still take into consideration her an essential friend.

As they relocate on, lock are faced by Marines led by black Cage Hina. However, Bon Clay steps in and also saves the day. He and also his crew make themselves bait because that Hina so the the Straw Hats can escape.

1 episode 126: I will certainly Surpass You! Rain drops on Alabasta! (8.8)

The highest-rated illustration of the Alabasta arc features the third and final fight in between Luffy and also Crocodile. Luffy had actually been bested through Crocodile twice already and it seemed that the an outcome would be similar once again.

But, this time Luffy was all set to go all the end to to win Crocodile. He managed to to win Crocodile after ~ a an extremely long fight. The civil war also stopped as soon as the rain began to pour on the people.

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