What walk the name Yesenia mean?

The meaning of the surname “Yesenia” is: “Flora”.

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Pronunciation: (yeh SEN ya); (yeh SEN ee uh)Form of: Jesenia

Considering Yesenia as a baby Name?

The an initial thing you should understand if you room considering Yesenia for her baby"s surname is the in most nations all end the world the surname Yesenia is a girl name.

The surname Yesenia is of Arabic origin, and also is offered in more than one countries and also different languages of the world, especially English speak countries, Spanish speaking countries amongst others.

If you think about naming her baby Yesenia us recommend you take keep in mind of the special definition and history of the name together your baby’s name will certainly play a big role in the life and your baby will certainly hear it spoken every day. In search of a surname is a an extremely important and also fun process as it’s the very first gift you will provide to her baby. Countless people think that the surname can influence success in life, through their children"s functioning career and other circumstances, for this reason they choose much more “respectable” names or name definitions as they think that the name meaning reflects the personality that the child.

Yesenia surname Meaning

The meaning of Yesenia is “Flora”. Save in mind that numerous names may have different meanings in various other countries and languages, for this reason be cautious that the name the you choose doesn’t mean something poor or unpleasant. Search comprehensively and also find the name definition of Yesenia and its name origin or of any type of other surname in ours database. Additionally note the spelling and the together of the surname Yesenia and check the initials of the name through your last surname to uncover how that looks and also sounds. The background and definition of the surname Yesenia is fascinating, learn an ext about it. (If girlfriend know much more meanings that the name and also you would favor to add click below to submit one more name meaning).

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YeseniaSeptember 25, 2016

My surname is Yesenia and I hate it because it’s never ever before on vital chains, civilization can’t pronounce it, nor remember it.

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