Ball valve markings space purposeful codes and abbreviations plan to assist users determine the ideal product because that a particular application. Markings are provided for 2 reasons:

To show the standards to i beg your pardon the round valve has been tested.To display the applications where the round valve have the right to be used.

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Ball valves are constructed with various varieties of materials, components, sphere designs, actuation methods and beyond — there are hundreds and hundreds of alternatives and manufacturers usage a range of different species of markings.

Understanding those markings is challenging if girlfriend don’t know what you looking for. Check out on because that an explanation that the most essential markings, complete with visual examples.

General round Valve Markings

Note the the information displayed on the valve body will certainly vary depending upon the manufacturer. The following is general information the you may discover on the body of a round valve in the U.S.


Valve Size: The valve pipe dimension is frequently simply detailed in inches, however, you may likewise find the pipe size listed with a DN prefix. This represents “diameter nominal” and also the number following the prefix is the valve pipe size in millimeters.

Mounting Information: If her valve uses an ISO standardization mounting configuration to mountain the valve come the actuator, this is whereby you will discover that information.

Body Material: This specifically claims the kind of product used to produce the valve body. For example, CFM8 is the code for actors 316 stainless steel.


Pressure Class: “PN” refers to pressure nominal. The number after ~ PN shows the pressure course of the valve in bars, where 1 bar amounts to 14.5038 PSI. Some manufacturers may simply list the push rating in PSI as well.

Casting Number: The casting number is provided to monitor materials and batches. There may be much more than among these, depending on the valve.

Lead Free: some valves will be significant with one “LF” to suggest they room lead free.

Manufacturer Information: The manufacturer’s name have to be ~ above the valve body.

Model Number: The version or part number of the valve is the manufacturer’s to know process.

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Ball Valve Ratings

Ball valve ratings show the kind of application where it is an ideal for use. These ratings will certainly be marked on the valve body.

PSI Rating

Pounds per square inch (PSI) is a measure up of press that is generally used in the U.S. Because that equipment and instruments. A ball valve’s PSI procedures the pressure of the media that flows through the valve together it comes in contact with a square inch of pipeline or various other fittings.

CWP & WOG Ratings

Cold working push (CWP) shows the valve’s maximum pressure rating in ~ temperatures in between -20°F come 100°F. This is generally referenced together the valve’s pressure rating. Because that example, 720 CWP suggests the valve is rated come 720 PSI within the CWP temperature range.

WOG (water, oil, gas) is an older term that is no longer used as typically as it when was. It simply means that the valve is intended because that use through water, oil or gas, through the exemption of flammability gases.

WSP Rating

Working heavy steam pressure (WSP) suggests the maximum heavy steam pressure that a round valve can withstand at the highest possible temperature rating. This might likewise be marked as SWP, meaning steam functioning pressure.

Gas Ratings

Only particular ball valves space approved for use with combustible gases, and also these will certainly have details markings that define where they deserve to be used. Few of these include:

Indoor Gas Ratings:

½ PSIG (PSI gauge): This low pressure rating is supplied for gas valves the are supplied in appliances.5G: This is a greater pressure rating because that valves provided in household gas piping systems.

Outdoor Gas Ratings:

CAN/CGA-3.16: This is the Canadian gas push rating because that both outdoor and also indoor valves supplied in gas piping systems.BRS125G: This is a U.S. Gas push rating for valves in gas piping systems.

Please note that the over information is intended come be offered as a base pointer only. Treatment must be taken to ensure the valve you pick is a good fit for your specific application requirements. If you are unsure, the is constantly best come speak directly with the manufacturer or distributor around your application.

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Testing & quality Assurance ball Valve Markings

To certain that assets are made to the highest possible quality, the following organizations do rigorous tests and also certification processes. Ball valves the prove their worth are marked accordingly.

Uniform plumbing Code (UPC): A UPC certification note shows that a round valve adheres to both the separation, personal, instance product’s performance standards and also the standards set by the worldwide Association the Plumbing and also Mechanical officials (IAPMO).

American national Standards institute (ANSI): ANSI sets various standards for the manufacturing, installation and use of sphere valves. You will certainly most frequently see this note on flanged ball valves.

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Underwriters Laboratories (UL): UL is a an international safety certification agency that tests a wide range of products (including round valves). You’ll view the UL logo on valves that have actually passed the miscellaneous scientific testing processes castle utilize.