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Ven- is a combining type used choose a prefix definition “vein.” A vein, in comparison to an artery, is just one of the systems of branching vessels or tubes send blood from assorted parts the the body to the heart.

Ven- is often used in medical terms, specifically in anatomy and also pathology.

Ven- comes from the Latin vēna, meaning “vein.” The Latin indigenous vēna is additionally ultimately the source of such vein-based words as venous. The Greek-derived tantamount of ven- is phleb-, as in phlebectasia.

Ven– is a different of veno-, which loses its -o- when an unified with words or word elements beginning v vowels.

Want to know more? review our native That use veno- article. Also see ours Words That use veni- and also Words That use vene- because that even an ext forms.

Examples the ven-

One example of a medical term that provides the combining kind ven– is venectomy, the cut (removal) that a vein or component of a vein, particularly varicose veins.

The combining form ven- means “vein,” together we have learned. The combining type -ectomy way “excision.” Venectomy, then, is precise “vein removal.”

What room some words that use the combining form ven-?

What space some other creates that ven- may be commonly confused with?

Many other words begin with ven- yet do not use the combining form to median “vein.” Some, like venal, come indigenous the Latin word because that “for sale.” Others, favor venison, are related to the Latin word because that “hunting.” still others, like venial, ultimately come from the Latin word because that “desire.” Learn more about the origins of these words at our entries.

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Venation is one way biologists space able to recognize the leaves of various plants or wing of insects.

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With the meaning of ven- in mind, venation is a word for the plan of what?

How to usage ven- in a sentence

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