In English, the phrase I love you is very flexible. It deserve to be provided not just towards a lover or a person you’re in love with, but also family members, your children and also even really great friends.

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In Italian however, there space two different phrases the equate to I love you and learning just how they differ is very important.

Ti amo is offered towards someone through whom you have actually a romantic and/or sexual relationship. Because it is a strong statement, the is ideal to use it v someone you’ve to be intimate through for quite some time rather than someone you’ve just been dating for a couple of weeks – unless you desire him or her to operation for the hills!

Ti amo più diogni altra cosa al mondo!

I love you an ext than anything else in the world!


Ti voglio bene, on the other hand, places focus on the tender and affectionate feelings you have for the other person, without any kind of sexual or deep romantic undertones. Because that this reason, that is used an ext often in the direction of siblings, parents, children and also friends than between couples in a committed relationship.* that is also the safer option if your partnership is brand new or not very serious.

Ti voglio tanto bene, figlio mio.

I love you really much, mine son.

Ti voglio tanto bene, figlia mia.

A great example phrase that juxtaposes the two expressions is ti voglio bene ma non ti amo. The implication is the although you are fond that the person in question and perhaps even care about them deeply, you aren’t physically attractive to them and wouldn’t desire to be in a connection with them.

Ti voglio bene ma no ti amo.

I am very fond of you however I don’t love you.

*Note: it is feasible to use the phrase ti voglio bene in the direction of a romantic partner however it is typically reinforced with the adverb tanto and also followed by a term of endearment such as amore mio (my love).

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Ti voglio tanto bene, amore mio! = i love you very much, mine love!Be aware that if all you ever before say is ti voglio bene to your partner, they can start to think the you are no longer in love through them!

One exception to the rule is her children. The is not uncommon to hear parents say ti amo or ti amo tanto, specifically if the children are an extremely young. As they grow up though, ti amo gets replaced by ti voglio bene or ti voglio tanto bene.