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General CommentIt"s funny the everyone looks at this song (well, many people)as a song about a relationship. Ns don"t think the necessarily needs to be about a relationship however rather I watch it as a discuss a person"s general perspective towards life. Favor one girlfriend talking to another or one older human to a younger, giving them your observations about that person"s behavior. The friend is trying to warn the human that if girlfriend live her life "on the fence", never committing come anything - even if it is that"s a relationship, a family, a job, etc - you will never know true joy. If you might shield you yourself from pain, by not gaining "involved", you are likewise not enabling yourself to experience happiness. In order to understand happiness, you have to know pains ("you"re losing all her highs and lows, ain"t that funny just how the feeling goes away?"). The is the an outcome of a life lived with no strings attached. And how free are girlfriend really? girlfriend aren"t - friend think girlfriend are, but you"re actually a prisoner of your very own making. You constructed the walls, placed up the cage, and also threw away the key. For this reason that"s why at the finish he says freedom is just some people talkin and that you need to come under from her fence and open the gate. Get into life - live it. I might learn a thing or 2 from my very own words here. Ns guess that"s why I like the song.

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richgirl90on December 22, 2009Link
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richgirl90 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your perception of this song. For this reason true. I"ve to be there too. All it takes is deciding to readjust your mind cause we are frequently the just thing staying clear of us from obtaining what us want...
altamber8on July 14, 2015
richgirl90 i think you nailed it!
tinydncron January 23, 2017
richgirl90 ns think parts of the track are much more general yet some components are specifically around relationships.- The verse about the Queen that Diamonds versus the Queen of hearts is saying that one shouldn"t stake one"s life ~ above money and material things, yet instead emphasis on love and also relationships.- The verse about freedom likewise seems to be around romantic meeting -- "freedom, fine that"s simply some human being talking" advert to how married human being sometimes talk around freedom they had actually when single, yet the song claims that being alone is the actual prison.- The last verse directly states that the subject must "let someone love you prior to it"s too late"
richgirl90 that is about relationships and maybe even family, it is asking the cowboy, room you going to spend the rest of your tough life on her own.

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delia17601on in march 01, 2018
richgirl90 an extremely well said.
discobiscuon January 30, 2019
richgirl90 I had 2 or 3 absent parts and also I choose your point of view. What is great of good songs is the they may have actually different definitions depending top top who and also when is listening.For me this is a great song about loneliness and also how in the end we require from others. That is "Everybody requirements somebody" in a somber mood.