Do you want to understand what your teen or tween’s hand gestures mean? we asked them to decode these hand signals because that us.

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Last update on September 24th, 2021

You’ve probably noticed your teenager using some weird hand gestures, particularly with their friends, and often in photos.

So simply what are teens and also tweens trying come SAY through these hand signs on society media anyway?

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Do parents have to be worried, or room these gestures just innocent teenage fun?

Perhaps a little bit the both?

We scoured the internet and asked our own teens come decode some renowned hand signals because that us.

The good news is the some points haven’t adjusted that much due to the fact that we to be kids, yet beware, a few of these are not specifically safe for work or little kids!

V Sign



Heart Hand Signs


Made renowned by Taylor Swift together a sign an interpretation something between “I Love You” and also “Thank You” to her fans. The love hand authorize is a popular hand gesture v young teens to show appreciation to someone.

In southern Korea, they usage the finger heart gesture whereby you cross the thumb and index finger to kind an imaginary love shape over the 2 fingers.


You can also get a vinyl wall art decal of this cute oriental ‘Heart Hand Love Sign’.


Although the pictured hand gesture may have different interpretations to various people, it is most commonly used through youngsters in conjunction with “The one Game”.

It’s a kind of “made friend look” prank that shows up to be suffering a rise in popularity.

This is a silly game adolescents play. The score is no to look in ~ it. If girlfriend do, you’re bound to acquire sucker-punched.

The urban Dictionary defines the video game as follows:

A game of peripheral vision, trickery, and also motor skills.The video game starts out as soon as the offensive Player create a circle with their thumb and forefinger, no unlike one “A-Okay” signal, somewhere below his waist.His score is to trick one more person right into looking at his hand.

If the Victim looks at the hand, he has lost the game, and is ultimately hit ~ above the bicep through a close up door fist, through the attack player.”

Your teen could get a kick out of these meme Circle video game socks.


The thumb and index finger make an “L”, other fingers closed, through the palm encountering the observer.

This one will more than likely be familiar, but in instance you forget, “L” stands for a loser.

However, in north China, human being use this hand gesture to display the number 8.



Children simply contact the authorize “this.”

The game is because that players come get civilization to look at “this,” climate ridicule them.

Just a silly video game teens play.

The prevent time / two Finger Touch Hand Sign


When you want to protect against time in its tracks, use the prevent time hand sign.

I additionally read top top Quora freshly that this authorize could likewise be used to suggest two penises touching, and also would be supplied to gesture that what someone stated sounded gay. So just be conscious of this in situation your teen is making use of this authorize in this an adverse way.

Update: hand signs and also their interpretations are continually evolving and also the latest an interpretation of the two fingers touching hand authorize is provided to show shyness or nervousness. This authorize is supplied widely in tik videos and is favor twiddling her fingers together while working up the courage come say what’s on your mind.

The 2 fingers together emoji is frequently paired with the wide-eyed smiley challenge emoji together well.


Drinking Alchohol

Hold your little finger up and also your thumb pointing in the direction of your mouth, with the three center fingers cut inward. This gesture suggests drinking indigenous a bottle and could signal drink alcohol.


Call Me or Shaka Sign








The shocker, also known colloquially as “two in the pink, one in the stink,” is a hand gesture with a sex-related connotation.

The ring finger and thumb space curled or bent under while the various other fingers space extended. The index and also middle fingers are maintained together and the ago of the hand faces outwards.” Wikipedia

The shocker is an venomous gesture referring to the act of inserting the index and middle fingers right into a vagina, and the small finger right into the anus, hence the “shock”.

But be conscious that this walk not have actually the same meaning everywhere. In Korea, a very similar hand signal (Emeka), but with the finger apart, means Peace, Love, and Unity.

So inspect if the fingers are apart or together, to know if the an ‘Emeka’ or a ‘Shocker’ hand signal.


The Fig Sign


The fig authorize is a mildly poisonous hand gesture where you thumb is wedged in in between two finger in a closed fist.

Although over there are numerous different meanings in different nations going back many years, among the many prevalent definitions is that of a cock penetrating the woman genitalia.

It’s likewise the very same hand gesture you make when you ~ do so to pull the sleep off a child, which has no attack meaning.

V sign With Tongue

Not fairly the same an interpretation as the tranquility sign!

This hand gesture it s okay a tiny naughty as soon as you carry the tongue right into the picture.

As you may have guessed, this one suggests oral sex.

Outward/Backward-facing V Sign


If you turn your palm to challenge yourself and also hold up your two fingers in a V sign, climate this is regularly seen as an insult.

The ‘Two-Finger Salute’ could look prefer a peace sign, however it’s actually the tantamount of the middle finger in particular countries choose the UK, Australia, south Africa, Ireland, India, Pakistan, and brand-new Zealand.

The gesture is frequently performed through flicking the V increase from the wrist or elbow.

Different country Meanings

Did you know that there are many an ext hand gestures that have actually a completely different meaning in different countries?

Read more to ensure that you nothing accidentally humiliation someone as soon as traveling to your country.

OK Sign



An index finger curved toward your palm is a common “beckoning” gesture. It method “come here.”

However, in the Philippines, these gestures are thought about offensive due to the fact that they are offered to call dogs.

If used towards an additional person, that is equivalent to phone call them worse or animalistic.

Crossing your Fingers



Whenever we placed our pinky up we’re usually imitating drinking tea, signifying being fancy.

However, in Japan, this exact same hand signal doesn’t typical ‘fancy’ however ‘women’.

So if who comes into work far too happy in the morning, you can see someone raising their pinky up, implying that he has actually a brand-new lady in his life.

Here room even much more rude hand gestures from roughly the people that you can not know.

Street gang Hand Signs


Image source: joeydevilla

As i personally perform not know enough around street gang hand signs, ns don’t feel that I have actually the authority to article them on my blog.

However, if you worried that your teenager might be making use of these signs, or you want to discover out if a sign is a corridor sign, then you have the right to look v the institute Of Police technology And Management basic Street Gangs: “Hand Signs” manual.

They include plenty of gang indicators from ‘Crips’ to ‘Bloods’, and also ‘Vice Lords’ and also many more.

Other species Of Hand Signs

This perform covers countless mainstream hand indications that you may come across.

There are however several other hand indicators that us haven’t extended yet.

American sign Language

The most popular is the American sign Language.

American authorize Language (ASL) is a complete, herbal language that has the same etymological properties as spoken languages, through grammar the differs native English. ASL is expressed by motions of the hands and face. The is the primary language of numerous North american who space deaf and hard of hearing, and is offered by plenty of hearing people as well.”

Anime or Manga Hand Signs

This contains Naruto hand signs, and several others choose Chidori hand signs and fireball Jutsu hand signs, i m sorry are part of anime or manga.

Naruto hand signs are provided to perform plenty of ninjutsu, genjutsu, and also other mystery arts other than taijutsu. They room designed to aid people in correctly summoning and also molding chakra essential to perform a technique.”

You can read more about Naruto hand signs and what they median here.

Solfege Hand Signs

The solfege music system has actually seven simple syllables: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, and also ti.

Solfege hand signs have a straightforward concept: each tone in the seven-note solfege system is symbolized by a form a singer makes with their hand when singing.

Hand signs have the right to be developed with only one hand, do them helpful for singers that are brand-new to the solfege system.

You can read much more on what the Solfege hand signs are here.


We hope you’ve found some of this signs and also their meanings interesting.

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If there space any brand-new hand gestures the your teen uses, the we’ve missed, then please let us know in the comment below.