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What does Anthony Mean?

According to part sources, the surname Anthony way “priceless one” or “highly praiseworthy,” but others contend that that original meaning is unknown. Regardless of that meaning, it has actually remained a renowned name selection for centuries.

With saints, artists, and also nobility as namesakes transparent history, Anthony is a strong, classic name. One English kind of the Roman household name Antonius, Anthony is often attached to Marcus Antonius (also recognized as mark Antony), a remarkable Roman politician in the ancient world.

Mark Antony isn’t the only well-known historical figure with this name, however. Two prominent Catholic saints, the fourth century Egyptian hermit St. Anthony the good and thirteenth century Portuguese St. Anthony that Padua, also made the surname famous.

Origin: The name Anthony comes from the Roman family members name Antonius. Its meaning is debated, though some say it method “priceless one” or “highly praiseworthy.”

Gender: Anthony is usually used together a boy’s name. However, feminine variations, such as Antonia and also Antoinette, are usual for girls.

Pronunciation: ANTH-uh-nee

Although numerous baby names room separated through gender, Verywell family believes that sex go not need to play a duty in your name an option process. It’s vital to choose a name the you feeling suits your new baby the best.

How renowned Is the surname Anthony?

The surname Anthony has actually enjoyed continuous popularity since baby surname records have actually been maintained in the united States. Since 1905, the name has been among the optimal 50 because that boys—but to be quite typical even prior to that.

At that is lowest suggest of videotaped popularity in 1900, it ranked #67. Then, at its height in 2007 and 2008, Anthony to be the saturday most well-known baby name for boys. Together of 2020, the surname ranked #41.

Although Anthony is most commonly used as a boy’s name, the society Security administration has tracked its use for girls as well. From 1961 to 1988, Anthony ranked in the peak 1,000 baby names because that girls.

name Variations

Anthony has almost too numerous variations come count! It’s represented in plenty of cultures, with instances including:

Anakoni (Hawaiian)Andon (Macedonian)Antanas (Lithuanian)Antal (Hungarian)Antek (Polish)Anthon (Danish)Antin (Ukrainian)Antoine (French)Antonijs (Latvian)Antonio (Spanish, Italian)Antônio (Portuguese)Tone (Slovenian)Toni (Swahili)

usual Nicknames

Tony (or Thony): Depending on her associations, the nickname Tony may conjure up movie star glamour—or a note of rough-around-the edges brand-new York City grit. Yes sir no denying this nickname has appeared in its same share of mobster movies—but the doesn’t typical it can’t likewise represent a friendly, down-to-earth image.Anton: For a more refined-sounding nickname because that Anthony, think about Anton. This abbreviated variation of the name carries a brothers sensibility, as numerous Brits pronounce Anthony through a tough “t.”Ant: Ant is a short and also sweet abbreviation for Anthony. This nickname can make girlfriend think that an optimistic personality with a confident attitude.

Famous world Named Anthony

Beginning with note Antony in roman times, a series of well-known world have been attached to this name. Fictitious Anthonys and also Tonys also appear consistently in literature, TV, and movies. Here are some you might recognize.

famous Anthonys

St. Anthony the Padua, 13th century saintAnthony Bourdain, American chef and journalistAnthony Hopkins, british actorAnthony Trollope, English victor novelist

famous Tonys

Tony Bennett, American singerTony Hawk, American skateboarderTony Romo, American football playerTony Shalhoub, American actor

Fictional renowned Tonys

Tony Micella, protagonist that TV collection "Who’s the Boss?" played by gibbs Tony DanzaTony Soprano, lead character of TV collection "The Sopranos," play by actor James GandolfiniTony Stark, alter ego of Iron guy in the Marvel series

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