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Four beasts, four founders, one goal; to happen on the expertise of magic to new generations. In the harry Potter novels, hogwart the key backdrop almost all events that take ar throughout the assorted storylines. The motto (in Latin) equates as “Never Tickle a sleeping Dragon”, and each that the heraldic animals represents one of the initial founders the the school:

Godric Gryffindor- gold lion ~ above a red field

Helga Hufflepuff- black color badger on a yellow field

Salazar Slytherin- silver- serpent ~ above a environment-friendly field

Rowena Ravenclaw- copper eagle on a blue field


Graphical characteristics:Asymmetric, close up door shape, Colorful, includes both straight and curved lines, has crossing lines.

Categories: Emblems, scientific research Fiction and also Fantasy

Hogwarts Crest is part of the coat of arms group.

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