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Red is a price of death.

From the minute Doodle is born, he is expected to die. Preparation involves building a coffin fairly than a crib. He is likewise described together red, a price of death.

He appeared all head, v a tiny body the was red and also shriveled like...

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Red is a symbol of death.

From the minute Doodle is born, that is supposed to die. Ready involves structure a coffin quite than a crib. The is also described as red, a prize of death.

He seemed all head, through a tiny body that was red and also shriveled prefer an old man"s. 

Doodle is likewise the very first one who spots the scarlet ibis, which is in the “bleeding” tree.

He slipped out right into the yard, and also looked up right into the bleeding tree. "It"s a large red bird!"

The red imagery is again linked with death, due to the fact that the bird will die and Doodle will certainly die.

Red as a prize of death is common, because we naturally equate red through blood and often with death. This is why the ibis is “scarlet” and the ibis itself is such critical symbol transparent the story. Doodle seems to understand he will die, even after everyone else has embraced that he will certainly live.

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