You may have noticed that your bunny’s ears relocate in a range of ways. Whether drooping, twitching, or up and also alert, they’re seldom stationary. Instead, your rabbit’s ear cycle through a selection of positions. Pet body language can be subtle, for this reason you may wonder if these angles have actually meaning.

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The place of a rabbit’s ears claims a lot about how that feeling. Ears that are practically touching mean a peaceful rabbit. Ears that space up and erect median that a hare is alert to noises and sounds. If your rabbit’s ears space flattened, this means that it’s scared. Ear that space held back mean an angry rabbit.

With the said, a rabbit’s ear positions can vary relying on the breed. Lop-eared rabbits have heavier ear and, therefore, subtler ways of showing emotion. Disease can also impact the method your rabbit moves that ears. A sudden adjust in that default ear position may show infection or warmth stroke.

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just how Rabbits usage Their ears
hare Ear Position interpretations
Upwards, Pointing Outwards
Up and also Twitching – alarm or Piqued
One Ear Up, One down – half Attention
vast Apart and also Flattened – fear
ears Held against Back – Displeased Or upset
Default Ear location
Lop ears
Younger Rabbit ear
Rabbit ear That room Suddenly Droopy
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How Rabbits usage Their Ears

To understand what rabbit ear positions mean, we need to understand exactly how rabbits use their ears. After all, the a sort of human body language. With insight into exactly how the ears work, us can much better understand the ethereal messages our pets room sending. Rabbits use their ears in two key ways:


Rabbits have actually a an excellent sense the hearing since of the shape and also size of your ears. The long and also pointed design allows them to record sounds v ease. Likewise, their ears cover a big area (relative to your body size). This permits rabbits come hear across good distances.

To leverage this sense that hearing, rabbits twisted their ear into various positions. That helps castle to closely tune into a sound, much like radar. With ears prefer these, rabbits deserve to detect noise from miles away. That is, so lengthy as they choose the right position. For observant owners, this have the right to be a home window to how they room feeling.



A rabbit has good hearing. Since of this, you’ll watch a distinction when that feels unsafe or is trying to find danger. It may flick its ears much more insistently to uncover the location of the danger. Likewise, once it’s curious about a sound, or wants to discover something come play with, the human body language of its ears will change accordingly.

This tells us the rabbit’s state that mind. The ear will show what the hare is feather for, exactly how it feels around its surroundings, and even what it thinks of you.

Beyond that, rabbits can use their ear to convey much more subtle emotions. Rabbits connect with other rabbits and also human owners through movements and gestures.

Rabbit Ear position Meanings

Owners must note the ethereal cues provided off by your rabbit’s ears. Below are several of the most common rabbit ear positions, and what every one means:

Upwards, Pointing Outwards

What if your rabbit’s ears room closer together and also pointing outwards? climate you have actually a relaxed and happy bun. If you check out this often, climate you’re doing a good job that taking treatment of it. Your rabbit feels safe and also pleased.

A happy rabbit will also have a peaceful posture transparent the remainder of that body. This attitude can appear differently based upon your rabbit’s subtle feelings.


Your rabbit deserve to be in a loaf position. That is legs room tucked under that is body, and its eye are probably closed or partly closed. This is the bunny version of lounging. This method it’s calm sufficient to let down its guard and chill out.


If your rabbit is really relaxed, it may take on an extended position. Its paws will certainly be stretched out, pointing forward. The hind legs may be sticking out sideways. Alternatively, that is legs can be extended out behind it, further including to its human body length.

In this position, her rabbit probably won’t be keen ~ above playtime. It means that her rabbit is tired and would prefer to rest. It won’t mind pets together it regains its energy, but may prosper upset if disturbed.

Up and Twitching – alert or Piqued

If her rabbit’s ears space up and also twitching, this way it’s alert. Twitching ears suggest that something has piqued her rabbit’s interest. That is honing in on a noise and also listening intently.

If the ears remain upright the entire time, climate it has located the sound and is trying to glean the finer details. If the ears remainder down ~ a moment, the rabbit can have chose the sound to be unimportant.

This reaction could be totally for her rabbit’s benefit. However, the bunny could also be trying to alert friend or other animals to the sound. Wild rabbits regularly live in colonies. It’s herbal to warn others of a potential danger. If the rabbit’s ears continue to twitch while to adjust down, climate it might be encouraging you to listen too.

One Ear Up, One down – half Attention

If her rabbit has one ear up and also one ear down, that way that the is, rather literally, only half listening. Rabbits are always on the lookout for exciting sounds and noises. However, some sounds are just less amazing than others.

If her rabbit has one ear up and also one ear down, that’s the case. This ear place is dubbed the “half-lop,” where just one ear is up.

That way your hare is listening, yet the noise isn’t worth its full attention. Maybe it doesn’t think of the noise together a potential danger. The sound can be other it’s supplied to. The could likewise be so faint that your hare doesn’t think that dangerous yet.

When her rabbit has actually one ear up and one ear down, it might still pay attention to you. However, that’s only if you’re much more interesting than the sound that listening to.

Wide Apart and also Flattened – Fear

If your rabbit’s ears are large apart and also flat against its back, you have actually a fear rabbit. Rabbits flatten their ear to make themselves smaller. ~ all, gift smaller method being harder for predators come spot or catch. When something spooks your rabbit, it will try to shrink the end of instinct. Tucking away its big ears deserve to make a far-ranging difference in size.

Aside from its ears, the rest of your rabbit’s body deserve to signal if it’s afraid. That will likely be crouching, through its head level to the ground. That is muscles will be tense, and it will certainly probably shot to remain still. Various other signs of fear include:

ShakingRunning away

If her rabbit is scared, store an eye on it, together it may injure itself. Through prolonged exposure come stress and anxiety, it can also die the fright.

If girlfriend think her rabbit is spooked, identify the cause. Try to avoid the resource of that is fright or eliminate your bunny from the situation. Common reasons for frightened hare are:

Unfamiliar smellsOther people

It might also help to calm under your rabbit v cuddles and also snacks.

Ears Held against Back – Displeased Or Angry

What if her rabbit’s ears room in an upward position, but held contempt to its back? This means that her rabbit is unhappy. The actions indicates it wants to be left alone, or that you should back off. You may earn this an answer after choose up, petting, or holding the bunny.

Otherwise, her rabbit may dislike girlfriend being near its territory. If you touch its belongings, this position have the right to be firm rabbit-speak for “stop that.” It can feel safety of that food bowl, cage, or toys. In these cases, it’s finest to ago off and try again as soon as your rabbit has actually calmed down.

This habits is often accompanied by grunting. Grunting is the main means to signal displeasure, together thumping. If grunts, thumps, and also its accompanying human body language is ignored, this have the right to be negative news. Disregarding this signs often results in scratching or also biting.

If your rabbit is sit up on its back legs, v its front paws raised, this is the boxing position. When that happens, be wary! it signals the your rabbit has actually shifted native being protective to gift wholeheartedly aggressive. There room things you deserve to do to prevent this behavior. This includes:

Desensitization: You get your rabbit provided to things that uncomfortable it.Socialization: You gain your rabbit used to gift handled.Spaying and also neutering: presented to lessen aggression in rabbits.Exercise: gives a healthier method to spend its energy.

Default Ear Positions

A rabbit’s ear location can clearly indicate emotion. However, not all rabbit ear are built the same. Some ears are naturally more erect, while others room not. You may think her rabbit is continuous alert, when, in fact, that’s simply the bunny’s normal relaxing position.

As such, it’s crucial to understand the different ways a rabbit’s ears room built. This can assist you gain a much more accurate check out on your bunny. Right here are part default ear positions, and also what they mean for her rabbit’s human body language:


This is the many common type of ear position. Rabbits regularly have normally erect ears by default. This enables them come absorb the most amount of sound and also react easily to your surroundings.

Lop Ears

Lop ears refer to ears that room droopy by default. As soon as the rabbit hops, its ears often bounce alongside it together well. Lop breeds, favor their name implies, will certainly brandish this feature. Their ear are regularly in this position due to the fact that they space thicker, longer, or both. According to Genetics, lop each other owe your droopy ear to a mutated gene.

This gene results in ear that are almost dual the size of the normal rabbit. The droopiness come at a downside, however. Lop rabbit are more at threat of emerging issues v their hearing and also teeth, follow to Vet Record.

What go this mean for her rabbit’s body language? You’ll need to watch an ext closely to read cues on these ears. Both erect and lop-eared rabbits re-publishing the same definitions for the exact same ear positions. However, that might be subtle or partly masked by the extra droopiness that heavy, flopping ears.

Lop-eared rabbits additionally struggle to make their ears fully upright. The shape of your ears provides it harder for them to notice noises. There is much less for castle to listen to. Due to the fact that of this, lop-eared hare will frequently have their ears at rest, drooping downwards top top the next of their heads.

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With that in mind, remember: their ears may hang much lower when castle “alert.” Likewise, an upset bunny’s laid-back ears will certainly remain much more flush with their spine.