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​The 2 interpretations have completely different meanings, for this reason you'll need to do a little bit of extra job-related to number out which interpretation is being used in a certain post or message. Luckily because that you, that shouldn't it is in very complicated at all.

just how MWF Is provided As 'Married White Female​​'

The acronym MWF together Married White woman is frequently used in an individual ads online, on article boards, and also in conversation rooms to educate others of an individual's marital status, ethnicity, and gender. Someone might describe themselves as an MWF with the intent of conference someone that is looking to attach specifically with a married white female because that friendship or romantic reasons.


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MWF is just one acronym regarded several others you can see in the exact same ad, forum post, or chat message. These might include:

MWM (Married White Male)SWF (Single White Female)SWM (Single White Male)M4W (Man seek Woman)W4M (Woman see Man)M4M (Man seek Man)W4W (Woman seeking Woman)

examples of MWF supplied as 'Married White Female​​'

"MWF here, just moved to the city and also looking for brand-new friends. Would certainly love to attach with other MWF or SWF."

how MWF Is supplied As 'Monday Wednesday Friday'

People who usage MWF as Monday Wednesday Friday generally do therefore to educate others of a specific weekly schedule. Student who have actually classes ~ above these certain days space widely well-known to usage the acronym this way, but it can also apply to people who have jobs and also go to work-related on this days or organizations that arrangement to hold occasions on those days.

MWF as Monday Wednesday Friday may additionally be attach by the acronym TH. In this kind of scenario, TH usually stands for Tuesday Thursday, and is supplied to inform others the a Tuesday and Thursday schedule.

examples of MWF provided as 'Monday Wednesday Friday'

"My MWF classes room all for this reason early! At the very least glad ns don't need to be in til 11am TH for this reason I deserve to sleep..."

exactly how to translate MWF as Married White female vs. Monday Wednesday Friday

Considering how various both interpretations are, friend should be able to guess correctly based upon the context of the write-up or message. Right here are a few questions to ask yourself once trying to interpret the acronym:

Does that sound prefer the poster is trying to find friendship or romance? If so, they an extremely likely average to use MWF together married white female.Does the poster reference a details time and/or event?If the poster is trying come tell friend or others exactly when something like a course or occasion is reserved to take place, they"re most likely using MWF together Monday, Wednesday, Friday.Does the poster incorporate other acronyms?Other acronyms consisted of in the article or post like the ones mentioned over can give large hints. For example, if you see M4W included, the poster is virtually certainly using MWF together married white female. Or if they use TH, they"re definitely talking about their Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.

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Does one interpretation simply sound like it makes much more sense than the other? shot reading the article out according to to yourself, very first by replacing MWF through married white female and then again with Monday, Wednesday Friday. If one just seems come fit much better than the other, go through it.