Max. 24X DVD-R compose SpeedSuper-Multi: CD-R/RW/DVD-R/-R/DL/-RW/+R/+R DL/+RW/RAM Read and also Write Compatible, CD Family and also DVD-ROM read CompatibleM-DISC Support0.5MB Buffer Memory




Max. 24X DVD-R create SpeedSuper-Multi: CD-R/RW/DVD-R/-R/DL/-RW/+R/+R DL/+RW/RAM Read and Write Compatible, CD Family and also DVD-ROM read CompatibleM-DISC Support0.5MB Buffer Memory

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The M-DISC™uses a patent rock-like record surface instead of necessary dye come etch her data onto a disc. The M-DISC has actually been tested and proven come outlast standard DVDs right now on the market.
The quiet Play an innovation helps minimize noise during playback by recognizing various multimedia and automatically adjusting the playback rate according to its criteria for optimal performance. super Multi Compatibility optical drives have the right to read and also write different varieties of disc formats in one practically package.1. DVD+R 2. RW DVD-R 3. RW DVD-RAM This provides you the option to choose the media finest suited for each task.
Enhance any kind of system and also enjoy a greater level of disc creating performance at a max rate of 24x. This boosted speed lets you burn more discs in much less the time, therefore permitting you to enjoy better time management and also overall efficiency.
TypeInternal DVD-RW/CD-RW DriveCD-R16x CLV, 32x, 40x PCAV, 48x CAVCD-RW4x, 10x, 16x CLV, 24x ZCLVDVD+R2.4x CLV 4x CLV, 8x PCAV, 16x, 24x CAVDVD+R (DL)2.4x, 4x CLV, 8x ZCLVDVD+RW2.4x, 4x, 6x CLV, 8x ZCLVDVD-R2x, 4x CLV, 8x PCAV, 16x, 24x CAVDVD-R (DL)4x CLV, 8x ZCLVDVD-RAM2x, 3x 5x ZCLVDVD-RW2x, 4x, 6x CLVM-DISC/+M4x CLV
DVD-R/RW/ROM(SL/DL)16x, 13x, 16x, 12x max.DVD-R DL12x max.DVD-RAM (Ver. 1.0/2.2)2x ZCLV, 5x PCAVDVD-Video (CSS Compliant Disc)16x max.DVD+R/+RW16x, 13x max.DVD+R DL12x maxCD-R/RW/ROM48x/40x/48x maxCD-DA (DAE)40x max80mm CD22x max.M-DISC/+M12x CAV
Warranty1 Year restricted Warranty ~ above Optical Drives, speak to Toll-Free 800.243.0000UPC719192625273Retail UPC719192625266
Rated 5 the end of 5 by constantly One from overall a good system. Worked an extremely well. Plug "N Play. Nice style and an easy to use. Quiet.
Rated 2 out of 5 by man Dee from This series should it is in discontinued ns bought this DVD reader about 5 years ago, and it"s performance has been moderate. It efficiently burns discs roughly 75-80% the the time. But -- ns tried putting in mine old LOTR extended Version DVD in today, and also it was no-go. I was astonished, and also tried different video players, climate tried on different machines, and also the other machines worked. Ns did part searching, and also an terrible lot of civilization with DVD drives cannot clock LOTR and some other discs early to negative firmware. I will seriously reconsider ever buying another DVD drive due to the fact that of this.

Rated 5 the end of 5 by PnamaCharley from Mr i can always depend on mine burner to it is in swift and also accurate

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execute the cords/wiring come with the product?

Asked by: PastorDeb

A SATA strength cable and SATA Data cable space not consisted of with the interior 24x super Multi through M-DISC™ Support, model # GH24NSC0...^Ivan
Answered by: Ivanf

will certainly the GH24NSC0B through "M-Disc Support" compose to a M-Disc? I have to make sure I can archive several documents for my future great-great cool children. Other M-Disc Burners it seems ~ to price 4x more.

Asked by: Old JJ

The M-DISC™uses a patent rock-like record surface rather of necessary dye to etch your data top top a disc and the inner 24x super Multi with M-DISC™ Support, version # GH24NSC0 will certainly write come an M-DISC™...^IFV
Answered by: Ivanf

does this maker burn dual layer dvds?

Asked by: NotBlackNorWhite

The interior 24x at sight Multi v M-DISC™ Support, design # GH24NSC0 will write DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL discs v a maximum 8x compose speed...^IFV
Answered by: Ivanf


Asked by: rocampos_21

We are sorry to watch you are having an concern with your disc drive. For assistance, please give our computer specialists a contact at 800-243-0000.
Answered by: ChrisPSM

Drive will certainly not read DVDs, computer system just runs and runs

Asked by: layne526

We hate to hear you room having concerns with her disc drive. Because that assistance, please provide our computer system specialists a call at 800-243-0000.
Answered by: ChrisPSM

The specs say the depth of this journey (GH24NSC0B) is 153mm. Is the accurate? The measurement native the challenge of the journey to the backplane where you plugin the SATA cable is 153mm? I require a drive that is much less than 155mm therefore the measurement is important.

Asked by: Chris55555

The specifications for the internal 24x super Multi through M-DISC™ Support, design # GH24NSC0B perform list the depth together 153mm (6.02") i beg your pardon is the measurement native the challenge to the part that protrudes the many in the earlier of the unit...^IFV
Answered by: Ivanf

walk this DVD drive review Bluray?

Asked by: Questions319

Why room some GH24NSC0 developed in the are past labeled with Blu-Ray on the front and now you say they space NOT Blu-Ray compatible?
Answered by: jolyman

my dvd drive wont open anymore

Asked by: Massimo54

hate to hear you are having an issue with your drive but would love to watch if we can aid out. Us will require some more information if you can give us a call when you room with the unit in ~ 1-800-243-000 we deserve to assist. ^AC
Answered by: Amber C

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Storage capacity: BDXL can be fried capacity allows you keep the identical of 27 DVDs or 5 Blu-ray discs. Endure a new level of disc-writing capacity with

Impressive USB speed: Experience much faster disc-writing speeds v Superspeed USB 3.0, i m sorry is 10 times faster than USB 2.0

M-Ready drive: protect your data for a life time with’s M-DISC, i m sorry is designed to resist light, heat, humidity and time. Only provides this revolutionary technology.

Cinema 3D playback: explore the best in 3D viewing modern technology with’s strength DVD-BD 3DVer software program for the ultimate 3D the town hall experience.

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