Here is soup in the Bible. What go the resource Greek native δειπνέω mean and also how is it supplied in the Bible? below are the English meaning details. Additionally below are instances within scriptures verses emphasize in yellow (follow this link to walk there). Insanity or hover on blue, underlined words come see more original scripture and also meanings. Info sourced from Strong"s Concordance<1>.

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Definition Details

Strong"s Number: G1172

Greek base Word: δειπνέω

Usage: Sup (X -er)

Definition: to dine, i.e., take the principle (or evening) meal.

Detailed definition: come sup.

Derived terms: native G1173.

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Pronunciation:Biblical global Phonetic Alphabet: ðiˈpnɛ.oModern worldwide Phonetic Alphabet: ðiˈpne̞.owTransliteration: deipneōBiblical Pronunciation: thee-PNEH-ohModern Pronunciation: thee-PNAY-oh

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Bible Verses with δειπνέω (G1172)

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