Are you in the market for electric cord set or commodities with cords combined into them? have actually you ever noticed the variety of acronyms gift thrown around in the product descriptions?


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Every among those letters way something and in this short article we"ll offer you a fast primer on the most beneficial of the acronyms and also what lock mean. In a previous post we talked about the differentcable jacket materialsavailable, therefore we"ll piggy-back off the a bit and show you exactly how you can determine what the jacket product is just by looking in ~ the cable acronym.

The Letters

(Note: there are an ext than simply these letters, however these space the many prevalent you will come across.)
S - Extra difficult Service. Cables that start with an S are rated for 600V service.SJ - tough Service. Also called a "Junior Jacket," this cable is rated for 300V service.E - Thermoplastic Elastomer Jacket. This cables have a jacket make of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).T - Thermoplastic Jacket. Confusing, ns know, but this is different from a TPE jacket. These cables room made through PVC.O - Oil Resistant. Similar to it sounds, the outer jacket that the cable is oil resistant.OO - The addition of the extra "O" method that the external jacket and the insulation room both oil resistant.W - Weather and also Water Resistant. Cabling rated for outdoor use.No T or E - If the cable you are looking in ~ does not have a "T" or one "E" climate it is do of rubber.

Put It all Together

So let"s look at the three instances from the start of the post and also see what they mean.

SJTW - This is a 300V PVC cable that is weather resistant.

SEOW - A 600V TPE cable that is oil and also weather resistant.

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SJOOW - A 300V rubber cable through an oil and weather resistant jacket and also oil resistant insulation.

The more You Know

Hopefully you are now equipped with an useful information that can help you in your following purchasing decision. Knowing exactly what girlfriend are getting is important and also empowering because that the consumer... And also as one of my favourite childhood cartoons used to speak "knowing is fifty percent the battle."

Written by: Kevin Hatgas


Kevin is the Marketing Manager for Manufacturing. The holds one undergraduate degree and MBA from john Carroll University and several digital marketing certifications consisting of Google Analytics, HubSpot, inbound marketing, and also email marketing.He is passionate around his family, Cleveland sports teams, and also the Oxford comma. Back to all Power distribution & short-term Lighting services