Shooting Fish in a Barrel Meaning

Definition: very easy, or not daunting at all.

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This is a funny expression the creates a whimsical psychological picture. Imagine how difficult it would certainly be come shoot a fish in the river or in the ocean. Now, imagine how much much easier it would be if the fish to be stuck in a barrel. It would certainly be a lot of easier!

Origin the Shooting Fish in a Barrel

The origin of this idiom is an ext of a mystery than most, yet there is one concept that is the most popular.

In the past, after fish to be caught, they to be packaged come be marketed in the sector place. The fish were tightly packed into barrels filled through ice. If someone to be to shoot into that barrel, they’d be guaranteed to hit one.

Examples the Shooting Fish in a Barrel

This expression is most often used together a simile. World might say, “It’s favor shooting fish in a barrel,” or “It’s as straightforward as shoot fish in a barrel.”

Here is an instance dialogue in between a new employee, Ricardo, and also an old employee, Yuki, at your workplace.

Yuki: Welcome come the brand-new job! room you nervous because that your an initial day?

Ricardo: i’m so nervous, actually! Is this job very hard?

Yuki: not at all! It’s favor shooting fish in a barrel. Relax, you have nothing to concern about.

Here’s an additional example the the phrase used in its an unfavorable form. In this example, 2 parents space discussing how they will certainly teach their young kids to read.

Otto: friend know, i think I’ll simply read to my children every night. They’ll figure it out just by listening to me.

Lorenzo: What? You typical you aren’t going come teach them the sound of the letters or anything?

Otto: No, ns don’t think the necessary.

Lorenzo: Come on! Teaching kids to check out isn’t choose shooting fish in a barrel! that takes a lot of difficult work and practice.

More Examples


This idiom is used to say the something is very simple. It deserve to have either a positive or a an adverse connotation.

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When offered in a hopeful way, the idiom highlights exactly how easy miscellaneous is as a good thing. The can, however, have a an adverse connotation once a person wants to say the something is too easy.


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