What publication is that? If it's not explaining what した is you need to pick miscellaneous different. (I would certainly ditch any kind of book that provides "shee-tah" together the pronunciation because that した.)

勉強した。benkyou shita. To have actually studied. (past tense) 勉強しなかった。benyou shinakatta. To have not studied (past tense) 勉強します。benkyou shimasu. To examine (present tense) 勉強しません。benkyou shimasen. To not study (present tense)

So to broaden on the other users answer, 勉強 by itself is a noun an interpretation "studying", favor 勉強が好き (I choose studying), but in addition to する (to do), it deserve to be made right into a so-called Suru-verb, together so 勉強をする (or much more commonly just 勉強する, dropping the を) which means something choose "to do studying"

する conjugates irregularly, and した is it's previous tense.

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To learn a little bit more, i recommend feather up sources on する verbs.

shita is the casual/plain type of shimashita. Benkyoushita = ns studied benkyoushimashita = ns studied (more polite)

Exact exact same meaning, you simply use different words relying on who you're speak to.

I don't understand why anyone hasn't simply stated this? I had weekly Japanese lessons and we didn't discover anything about plain/casual kind until 6 month in! supposedly our classes were based that Minna no Nihongo.

Regarding her question, in Japanese, the sentence framework is various to English. It's SOV (Subject, Object, Verb) wherein as English is Subject, Verb, Object.

りんごを食べました ringo (apple) wo (particle) tabemashita (ate)

English = ns ate one apple. The verb is in the middle.

It's difficult to obtain a master of as a beginner, but you'll obtain used to it eventually!

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So i was researching some grammar, and I noticed that Shita, is in ~ the end... I'm confused on sentence structure... Any assist is appreciated!

P.S. Ns searched increase my concern already! no answers though..

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sentence order is subject Object Verb, verb constantly at the end.

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Jerry ate a book becomes



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