What is “sak pase” meaning?

Sak Pase” is a typical Haitian Creole phrase that method “What’s happening? it is regularly used come greet friends, comparable to how you would say “what’s up” in English. The expected an answer is “N’ap boule.” which literally converts “we’re burning” yet it actually means “we’re hanging out.”

Here is one audio pronunciation and how you have the right to respond:

Sak pase? (What’s happening?)

N’ap boule (We’re hanging out)


This question and also answer is a common way to friends will great. The solution literally method “we’re burning” yet has the effect of “we’re hanging around” in English. Listen to the pronunciation over and store the an interpretation of this phrase in mind. You could also respond “mwen poze” or any type of of these usual responses.

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Definition of Sak Pase:

“Sal pase?” is a phrase in Haitian creole that way “what’s up?” The straightforward English meaning for sak pase is “what’s happening” or “what’s walk on.” It’s a typical slang means to speak “Kijan ou ye?” Other possible ways to respond to this question:

Anyen (nothing)Mwen poze (hanging out) tan sa bondye ap sere pou mwen (I’m waiting on what God is conserving for me).Nap gouman avek lavi an? (I’m fighting v life)N’ap lite (I’m trying)Tout bagay anfom (everything is good)Mwen poze yon ma kafe (I’m waiting like coffee in the pot)Nou poze nou la n’ap just ti blag (We’re hanging out and telling part jokes)N’ap pilgrimage (We’re partying)

Sak Pase literal translations

Sak passe (meaning) = What’s going onN’ap boule (meaning) = We’re burning

With any slang expression that’s come to be a part of the social vocabulary, the literal definition doesn’t convey the real pressure of the phrase. Sak passe is a convulsion of “kisa ka passe” an interpretation “what have the right to occur.” N’ap boule is a contraction of “nou ap boule” definition “we are burning.” The net force of this is a slim complaint about hot weather and being bored. In various other words, we’re simply sitting roughly being hot.

It’s much more common to hear the response, “Mwen poze.”

When did Beyonce speak Sak Pase?

It remained in an interview wherein she talked about her family’s Haitian heritage. She regrets that the language the Haiti wasn’t passed down to she (along through her amazing Kreyol beauty).

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Beyonce speaking Haitian Creole

What go sapa say mean?

“Sapa say” is a misspelling the the Haitian creole phrase “sak pase” which way “what’s up” in English. Some various other ways human being have assignment this indigenous (before understanding the exactly version)

saypa saysa pa saysaypasaysapa speak na bu lay
“Sak Pase” is a typical Haitian Creole expression that method “What’s happening? it is regularly used come greet friends, comparable to how you would certainly say “what’s up” in English. “Nap Boule” way “we’re hanging out” and also is the meant response.