PUBG PTS an interpretation has perplexed some players with the acronym. Yet it's really straightforward to understand.

PTS is the shorthand for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Public check Server and also it's a server produced by PUBG Corp to test different changes to maps, weapons, graphics, or also introduce brand-new things. 

It's free to sign up with for any type of players willing to check out brand-new changes or content, though, the experience deserve to be frustrating at times as it's not as refined as the live server. 

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PS4 Players: you re welcome ensure you're launching the key PUBG game and not the option marked with "PTS".The Public test Server will be used later to permit players to test upcoming content releases.

— PUBG aid (

PUBG PTS Meaning

PUBG has test servers for the PC and Xbox execution of the game, with a server because that the newly-released PS4 version of the video game expected to come soon. The PTS enables players come try new elements of the game prior to they walk live, together as Vikendi, the game's brand-new snow map.

On Friday, PUBG Corp released PUBG PS4 and players had actually the option to play 2 versions of the game: the typical one and the PTS version. As of now, the PTS doesn't market anything in different ways for PS4 players, however when the snow map is finally released ~ above console, that will first be playable ~ above the PTS server. 

Photo courtesy that PUBG Corp

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