1 : a feeling of wanting to learn an ext about something or come be involved in other She called us around her lifelong interest in music. I have actually no interest in politics. <=I am no interested in politics> See much more ExamplesThe kids listened to the speaker for a small while, however then shed interest. The speaker wasn"t able come hold/keep their interest. I"ve been complying with his career v (great) interest. She took/had an energetic interest in the political debate. The expressed/showed one interest in learning an ext about photography.Hide

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2 : a top quality that attracts your attention and makes you desire to learn more about other or to be associated in something The stories around his an individual life include interest come the book. That looked v the easily accessible magazines, but found nothing of interest. <=nothing interesting> See much more ExamplesI believed this short article might it is in of interest to you. Us visited numerous places of interest on ours vacation. The price that the ticket was a issue of interest to everyone. A story that has human attention = a human-interest story <=a story the is interesting since it entails the experience of genuine people>Hide
3 : something (such as a hobby) that a person enjoys learning about or act Music is among her countless interests. She has a variety of outside interests. <=things the she enjoys doing as soon as she is no working>

Synonyms because that interest

Synonyms: Noun

Synonyms: Verb

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Noun She called us about her lifelong interest in music. The kids listened come the speaker for a tiny while, however then lost interest. The speak wasn"t able come hold your interest. She took an active interest in the political debate. he expressed one interest in learning more about photography. The stories about his an individual life include interest to the book. I believed this post might be of interest come you. we visited numerous places of interest on our vacation. The price the the ticket was a issue of interest come everyone. Music is one of her numerous interests. Verb Military history doesn"t yes, really interest me. It could interest girlfriend to recognize that the woman in this photo is her great-grandmother. that interested me to learn that she had actually once resided in California. The salesperson tried come interest me in a much more expensive computer.
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Recent examples on the Web: Noun Watkins filed a statement of interest with the Arizona Secretary the State’s Office ~ above Wednesday night. — Richard Ruelas, USA TODAY, 16 Oct. 2021 First, part context: Nielsen’s streaming ratings, if a solid gauge of customer interest, do have some limitations. — Josef Adalian, Vulture, 15 Oct. 2021 If the people Cup start to lose its prestige, large brands will shed interest. — Robert Kidd, Forbes, 15 Oct. 2021 Pritzker and also his multimillionaire predecessor, Republican Bruce Rauner, both said state economic interest disclosure needs prevented them from putting their legacy in true remote trusts. — Dan Petrella, chicagotribune.com, 15 Oct. 2021 The transaction would enable Tilray to take it a 21% property interest if the U.S. Legalizes marijuana. — Kristin Broughton, WSJ, 15 Oct. 2021 Committee members had previously avoided commenting publicly yet were compelled to perform so in irradiate of recent public interest, stated Durden, who is additionally a kendall County Commissioner. — Timothy Fanning, San Antonio Express-News, 15 Oct. 2021 due to the fact that YouTube Shorts very first launched as a beta in India in September 2020, the short-form video feature has been embraced by multiple neighborhoods of interest with some unforeseen trends, follow to Ferguson. — Todd Spangler, Variety, 15 Oct. 2021 Watkins filed a declare of interest with the Arizona Secretary the State’s Office ~ above Wednesday night. — Richard Ruelas, The Arizona Republic, 15 Oct. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Verb His co-workers mutual the exact same taste in music and would bond end concerts and also other points that did not interest him. — Washington Post, 11 Oct. 2021 The image-search website lets human being post, or pin, photos and videos of points that interest them right into collections dubbed boards. — man Mccormick, WSJ, 22 might 2021 vermouth may additionally interest working parents, as might Montana, Tennessee and also Colorado, every tied for the many child care centers per capita. — Michael Kolomatsky, New York Times, 30 Sep. 2021 Ambrosia Pickett the Aurora pertained to the Prisco Community facility in Aurora Thursday night hoping to find something that would certainly interest her children. — David Sharos, chicagotribune.com, 17 Sep. 2021 Mitigating further climate damages is the most urgent difficulty currently dealing with the world -- one which need to interest the world"s billionaires far much more than that of stepping simply over the well-trod threshold of space. — Holly Thomas, CNN, 12 July 2021 however a residence equity line of credit might be topic to higher rates in the future should interest rates increase, McBride said. — Susan Tompor, Detroit cost-free Press, 11 Aug. 2021 If sports and music don’t interest you, enter to victory tickets come the Dallas Zoo, Ice!, Broadway shows, wait shows, food and also wine tastings and more. — Dallas News, 10 Aug. 2021 that the prices that interest us, especially for the fold 3 and Flip 3. — chris Smith, BGR, 3 Aug. 2021

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First known Use that interest


15th century, in the definition defined at feeling 4a(1)


1608, in the an interpretation defined at sense 2

History and also Etymology because that interest


center English, probably modification of previously interesse, indigenous Anglo-French & medieval Latin; Anglo-French, from medieval Latin, indigenous Latin, to be between, do a difference, concern, indigenous inter- + esse to be — an ext at is