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‘It"s not favor you have the right to walk right into your backyard and also pluck a pina colada turn off the cocktail tree.’

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‘He orders a pina colada, me a Cuba libre, i m sorry arrives through the cola in a separate carafe.’‘‘A virgin margarita, and also a virgin pina colada for the beloved lady’ Damien said, turning to the bartender.’‘Before slipping into your room"s deep, marble bath tub or in between the 300-thread-count sheets, sip a pina colada ~ above the key building"s back porch, gaze at the moonlit ocean and try to remind you yourself it"s not a mirage.’‘In theory, it"s more dangerous come stroll follow me a palm-fringed beach through a pina colada than it is to run in the sea v a reduced finger.’‘Listening to her soft, honeyed voice on a summer"s evening, you may be forgiven for thinking you were on a heat beach sipping a pina colada, instead of wrapped up indoors during a miserable british July.’‘What I"d give for a cool pina colada and some incentive right now.’‘Stretching out on a sun-drenched beach with a pina colada is many people"s idea the a be sure holiday.’‘Geoff makes one hell the a pina colada.’‘Regis, who"s certainly earned a vacation, kicked ago with a pina colada and also got a tan on a Caribbean cruise.’‘The chain even offers one Irish version of a pina colada with Irish whiskey liquor.’‘I stimulate a pina colada in a green plastic cup v orange trim and mingle while Judith speak to Mark.’‘The night before we left i drank a pina colada from a slushy device and danced with Skip ~ above the beach.’‘And what better way to finish a day of ar work 보다 to come residence to a pint-sized pina colada.’‘Now, phone call me all about your trip, Eden asked, sipping part pina colada indigenous an oversized pink straw in an overlapping wine glass.’‘The following time you"re floating roughly your pool, pina colada in hand, you should rest assured that putting off the lawn mowing isn"t the only way you"re cutting down on energy.’‘We have very unique flavours choose pina colada and also apple crumble, and there space very few preservatives.’‘But together everyone who has actually read treasure Island knows, there"s much more to paradise 보다 pina colada.’‘Steeped in regional history, this contempt sweet liquor, make from sugarcane or molasses (a by-product of sugar refining), offers daiquiris and also pina coladas your kick.’‘Someone has to keep running in and also out that the home to mix increase a new batch of pina coladas, margaritas and the like.’