Kali is a surname from Sanskrit (काली) “kāla” which translates to “the black one". Due to the fact that we haven’t developed a Hindu origin category yet, we room calling this surname English for now. Kāli is the Hindu goddess of time, change, destruction and also empowerment (a redeemer that the universe). As the “black one”, Kāli precedes light and also therefore transcends time. As one of the many revered goddesses in India, the city of Calcutta is called for her. She is well-known to damage ignorance and also guide those towards God through her unlimited knowledge. Often shown as fierce and also fearsome, she has feral eyes through a protruding tongue. She is often rendered transporting a bloody knife in among her 4 arms and donning a belt of severed demon heads. Regularly regarded as the wife of Shiva (the most powerful god in Hinduism), Kāli was called into battle against evil forces. As she successfully defeated the demons, Kāli got lugged away on she killing spree before Shiva threw self at she feet come tame she wildness. She is a solid and an effective figure in Hindu tradition, and also celebrated as a divine Mother. She is a goddess that enlightenment and also liberation an ext than the death and destruction often connected with her. She is both gentle mother and also fierce safety warrior.

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Kali very first appeared ~ above the female specify name charts in 1982. We’re guessing this had something to execute with removed of U.S. Immigrant quotas in 1965 i beg your pardon spurred Indian immigration to America in larger waves during the so late 1970s and also early 80s. The surname Kali verified steady boosts in consumption in the 1980s and also 90s which to be probably likewise influenced in component by American girl names prefer Cali, Callie and also Kaylee (similar sounding). In this means Kali has become an Americanized respelling of other female surname (and pronounce KAY-lee instead of KAH-lee). Kali reached its top popularity in the mid-1990s and also has since cleared up back down to levels of lower moderation. Now the name is reasonably uncommon and also many parents most likely aren’t conscious of the Hindu connection. As a “dark” deity, Kali reminds united state a little bit of Lilith which isn’t necessarily a negative thing for solid female duty models. That all around perspective.

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On an additional note, we’ve likewise read (but can not use confirmed) that “kali” is the Hawaiian word because that “hesitation” yet apparently periodically used as the Hawaiian word because that vagina. We assumed that was worth knowing.