My memory tells me that "justify" has been used to explain some informal verification, not necessarily officially proof. Ns wonder if it is true? If yes, in what sense is "justify" informal? because that example, only need to prove necessarity no sufficiency?

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A computation, appropriately laid out, is of course a proof. However, numerous students, after years of multiple an option tests, have learned to take the point of view that the price is the only thing the matters.

"Justify" have the right to be a reminder that the problem will it is in graded carefully, the (contrary to their usual experience) a slapdash computation will not have to get complete marks.

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I carry out not think that "justify" carries any kind of connotation of "you need only display necessity however not sufficiency."

"Prove," in a food context, can frequently mean the a more or much less specific set of tools should be used. "Justify" has a more informal feel, yet I do not think of the as transporting a lower level that precision.


To me, "justify" method to lay the end the aramuseum.orgematical thought process step by step, so the the heat from the starting point to the ending allude is connected.

It is a bit less formal than a proof, i beg your pardon has particular logical requirements, but it means, "show enough work so that I recognize that you gain the totality thing."



I also encounter "justify", other than as a synonym because that "prove", in meta-aramuseum.orgematical discussion. Periodically (a most the time) the writer of a book will create a notation for a specific object being studied. In this case he/she can "justify" the created notation, which usually method giving a factor why it"s not arbitrary.

For example, when the sum of actual valued attributes is a various operation 보다 the amount of actual numbers, the exact same symbol "+" is used. I don"t think this is the best example, however there"s a plethora of lock if one looks.


I assumption: v justify method don"t i think away.

Some possible exam questions:

1 Prove Borel-Cantelli Lemma.

2 present that the collection given below satisfies the differential equation. Justify all your steps.

3 present that the collection given below satisfies the differential equation. You carry out not have to justify switching derivative and also summation.

In instance 2, the professor is speak one can not assume certain steps space valid as was excellent in previous classes. In this class, us proved things we assumed far in ahead classes. You space to prove them right here as well.

In case 3, the professor is saying one can assume said procedures are valid.

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