A friendly big family, "azg", with a strict hierarchy, is one invariable ingredient of Armenian society. Every child adopts reverence because that elders indigenous infancy, observing the partnership of all household members. So, everyone clearly knows and also performs their duties.

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In Armenian households ("ojakh" - hearth), the elders constantly take treatment of the younger ones, and also the younger ones dear respect the elders. Such cohesion is it was observed not only in a particular clan, but additionally among the world as a whole. Wherever they throw the intricacies of fate, lock will always find other tribesmen and also will maintain strong ties.


The second national attribute of the Armenian civilization is "tasib" - generosity and also inexhaustible hospitality. In spite of their temperament and quick temper, Armenians space hospitable hosts. Regardless of the condition of the guest, he will certainly be surrounded v due attention and also honors. Everyone below will be happy to offer shelter or carry out a lodging because that the night. As soon as laying a rich table, lock will current the ideal treats, and also if the family"s riches does not permit this, the forgiveness will pertained to the rescue. When offering treats, as a rule, they will say: “eat bread” instead of the usual “go come dinner”.


When castle meet, the Armenians say: "Barev dzez!" - "Hello!". Or "Barev zez argeli!" whereby "argeli" - "". But more often they usage its abbreviated form: "barev" or "vohdzhuin" - "hello", and also "vontses?" - "how space you?" or "barev vontses?" - "Hello exactly how are you?".

Among near friends, over there is also: "Vontses Akhper january ?!" - "How space you brother?" or "Vontses Kuyrik jan ?!" - "How room you small sister ?!"

When greeting a girl lock know, they sometimes say: “Vontsses Siryun jyan!”, whereby “siryun” is “handsome”. Once addressing to, adults usually say: "Barev akhchik dzhan" or "Barev tga dzhan", wherein "akhchik" - "", and "tga" - "boy".

The form of the greeting additionally changes depending on the time the day. Morning sounds like “barium luys”, where “luys” is light. During the day, you deserve to hear the expression "barium op" - reminiscent of our "good afternoon". Having met in the beam of the sunset, castle say: "barii ereko".

After the greetings, the will absolutely ask: "Inch ka chka?" and not only will he present a usual keen interest in your words, however will also ask around all members of your family. And also only after the he will certainly delicately relocate on to discuss the concern of interest to him or express his request, if he has one.

Many factors influence the boot speed of the home windows XP operating system: the existence of programs in the startup list, the display of the welcome screen, and also the hardware itself, come one level or another, affect the boot. For those who desire to disable the screen of the welcome display screen during the boot of the operating system, you must do a few steps, defined below.

You will need

Operating mechanism Windows XP.


To revolve off the welcome display option, you need to go come the "Start" menu, in the food selection that opens, pick the "Control Panel" item. Depending upon the settings, the "Control Panel" section can be called up by click or presented as an broadened list in the "Start" menu. In the home window that opens up or indigenous the list, choose "User accounts".

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how to remove windows greeting

You probably recognize that once you start any type of operating system, a welcome screen appears. For many users, this screen is the standard splash screen set by the manufacturer that a particular operating system. If girlfriend want, girlfriend can adjust it and collection your own distinct welcome screen. Let"s walk with this procedure step by step using the example of the home windows XP operation system.

You will certainly need

Restorator, ResHacker


Open the home windows folder, and also in that the System32 folder (the standard route usually looks favor this: C: home windows System32). Then uncover the logonui.exe file in this folder and also copy it come myui.exe, which is in the very same place. This is so that we create a copy the the original record and execute nothing that the system might object to.

Next, open up the regime for editing resources Restorator ( http://www.bome.com/Restorator/), and also with its help - the paper myui.exe. You will see the resources that are obtainable for you come edit. These deserve to be pictures used in the welcome screen, elevator color, caption, place of objects, and so on.

Replace the original welcome display screen images with perfect prepared images and backgrounds. In the color settings, replace the typical colors v your wanted colors. This have the right to be excellent in front of each brand on the welcome screen.

You have the right to also readjust the "Greeting" caption either come your own or come your own drawing. To adjust the default "Welcome" caption, refer to the "String Table" resource. At the really beginning that this resource, over there is the complying with line: 7, "Greetings" This is the engraving that is usually presented in the middle of the screen. To edit the engraving directly, use the special routine ResHacker ( http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/), due to the fact that it can be dubbed in Restorator upon further loading the the welcome screen. To collection the message "Welcome", and instead collection the one you need, open up the resource UIFILE => 1000 and delete the contents of lines 911 and 912. Change the deleted materials with the complying with code: 999 is the surname of the picture resource. Add this resource to the "Bitmap" group with the surname 999 and assign the photo you need to it.

399 - snapshot width

120 - photo height

After you have done whatever you want v the welcome screen and modified it together desired, it is time to download it top top the mechanism so the it have the right to use it afterwards every time that is rotate on.

Open (Start, Run, regedit command). In the home window that appears, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section, inside this open SOFTWARE, then Microsoft home windows NT CurrentVersion Winlogon. Uncover the UIHost item and replace its value v our myui.exe file.

This completes the installation of the welcome screen. You can close the registry home window and log out to examine if the transforms took effect.

When loading any kind of operating system of the home windows line, a screen greetings... Default screen should be displayed anyway, yet in part cases, such as once the mechanism crashes or the mechanism settings room changed, this screen may not be displayed, describe an error.


Occasionally, you will encounter a system warning: "The NetWare client Service has shutdown and greetings and also fast switching in between ". To modify the display screen screen a greetings you need to be logged in from or by a user who has actually the same rights. The alternative "Enable screen a greetings».

Open the "User Accounts" applet: left-click top top the "Start" menu, pick "Control Panel". In the window that opens, double-click ~ above the "User Accounts" icon.

In the new window, click the "Change login and also logout method" link. Next, you need to select an activity that will lead to the desired result - for screen a greetings the is crucial to placed a check in former of the item "Use screen greetings". ~ activating this item, any user should click the symbol with the surname of his account before entering the system. Periodically it is forced to enter if the user activates this alternative (login by password).

To authorize in without screen a greetings, i.e. Automatically, you need to uncheck the box "Use screen greetings". Once this option is activated, the standard screen greetings will not it is in displayed, however a home window will appear in front of the user in which the is important to select a user (account) and enter a password, if this option has actually been activated. If there is only one user v this operating system, no screen greetings, no user selection window will appear.

During regular boot of the device in the window greetings only continuous users and users through administrator legal rights are displayed. When loading in, the administrator directly appears amongst the list of users.

When home windows boots or restarts, window greetings(screen greetings). You require to select an account, and also then enter the password in the input home window that appears. This is helpful if there are numerous users on the computer. But if just you occupational on the computer under one account, and you hardly ever use all the others? then you can disable window greetings by do an automatic login v your account.


You will certainly need

- administrator password and password because that the account that will be loaded by default.


Click the "Start" switch - in the find box straight on it, kind control userpasswords2 - and press Enter. A warning will show up "Windows demands permission to continue" - pick "Allow".

Opens window"User accounts". Pick with the computer mouse the username whose account have to be loaded by default - uncheck package "Require username and password" - and click "Apply".

Appears window"Automatic login". Go into your password, confirm it and also click OK.

Reboot your computer. Home window greetings disabled. Now the computer system will immediately load the preferred account without mirroring the display screen greetings and also without requiring secondary password.

This technique works in windows Vista and also Windows 7. To remove window greetings in windows XP, click "Start" - "Control Panel" - "User Accounts" - "Change User Login" and uncheck "Use page greetings».

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Be sure to compose down the administrator and account password in a safe, inaccessible place. If friend don"t get in your password every day, it"s easy to forget it.

Do not disable the welcome screen and password entry if several other users have accessibility to the computer besides you.

Helpful advice

To switch to another account - use "Fast user switching": press the key mix Ctrl + Alt + Del and select "Switch user".

If you must return the welcome window: click the "Start" switch - kind control userpasswords2 in the find bar, then select the default user, inspect the "Require username and password" checkbox and also click OK. Reboot your computer.

At the begin of the home windows operating system, the user watch a standard screen greetings... If you are bored through the acquainted login picture, friend can adjust it using unique utilities.


You will need

- LogonStudio program;- TuneUp Utilites program;- resource Hacker program;


There room several options for transforming screen a greetings... Several of them indicate working v configuration files, which needs a certain amount of experience and also knowledge. Others, using devoted software, enable you to acquire the desired result with a few clicks the the mouse. Using special utilities, you virtually eliminate the possibility of damaging the mechanism to zero.

One of the easiest ways to readjust screen greetings is to usage the LogonStudio utility, you have the right to download it here: http://winzoro.com/catalog/soft/LogonStudio/. Install and run the program, in its window you will view several choices for screensavers. You deserve to use them or select your own. Numerous beautiful options screen a greetings can be discovered on the internet.

Barev dzez! an excellent morning! - Bari Luys! good day! - Bari op! an excellent evening! - Bari ereko! Hey! all the best! Welcome! ARMENIAN CONVERSATION because that A WILD TRAVELER (Wikipedia) hello! just how are you? - Wonc e gorcerd?

Es amusnatsats thanHow room you? - Ինչպե՞ս եք - Inchpes yek? exactly how are friend doing? customs nourish ka? (Inch ka?) Haven"t viewed you for a lengthy time. - Վաղուց չենք հանդիպել - Vakhuts chenk andipel - Ձեր անունն ի՞նչ է - Dzer anunn inch e? right here is my organization card.


Bari galust! Goodbye! Tstesutyun! Goodnight! - Bari Gisher! until the evening! Karokh eat dze voreve banov window? I know you - eu dzez hascanum eat Nothing, whatever will be fine! correctly urah eat thief dzez silly e galis! great idea! - Love mitke! friend did well! together you desire - Inchpes uzum es What go it matter - Da incch nshanakutyun uni? therefore what - Heto Inch? who cares? - Um, inch Highlander?

You room on the unique website that the WUA "Africa because that All!" www.africa.travel.ru - information resource for independent travelers to southern countries. Shat shnorakal em please (in an answer to "thanks"). Love Nothing. - Ոչինչ - Vochinch Barev dzez Let"s meet in the (foyer). Pohantsek dzer mayrikin im bari makhtanknere Es evs mi bazhak surch kehemei feeling at home. - Զգացեք Ձեզ ինչպես Ձեր տանը - Zgacek dzez inchpes dze taneLet"s salary in half.

Armenian language Russian-Armenian phrasebook

Armenian names and surnames, perhaps as result of the affect of the Armenian diasporas that different countries on the Armenian country proper, are unusually diverse. This name is found in the XIII-XI centuries BC. E., and some geographical objects, preserved the root "Nairi" and later.

Congratulations! - Snorkhavorum eat dzez! i congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! - Srtants shnorkhavorum eat kez! Happy new Year! - Snorkhavor nor tari! Happy date of birth! Success in your job-related - Ashkhatankayin hadzhokhutyunner! every the best! i would prefer to see you morning - Es ktsankayi wahy overfilled dzez het space you complimentary tomorrow night? It happens - Patahuma next time you obtain lucky! I have a request for friend - Es mi khndrank unim If that does no bother you - Ete dzez hamar jvar che I desire to ask about one thing! - Um eat mi ban hndrel!

Es chei uzum dzez viravorel! Zguish ehek! ns warn friend - i eat Es dzez zgushatsnum! ns warn girlfriend one last time! - Verchin angam eat kez zgushatsnum! are you sure about this? - Duk hamozvats yek dranum? correctly dzez zarmatsnuma? Yes, i eat hiatats! ns am happy you liked it!


What is “good afternoon, hello” in Armenian?

I didn’t understand the question - Chkhaskatsa hartsy ns don’t know you - Es dze than haskanum Why room you asking about this? You carry out not need to recognize Armenian to speak it. Check out Armenian words and phrases in Russian letters! good-bye - Ctesutyun / minch nor andipum correct - Ayo No - watch Agree - Amatsaynem great - Love thank you - Shnorakalutyun give thanks to you an extremely much - Shat shnorakalutyun you re welcome - Khndrem Happy birthday!

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Weather in Stepanakert

Tuil tvek dzez hemelu half yurasirel would you like something to drink? Langs.Pro is a source where you can uncover language teachers if you are learning languages ​​and college student if girlfriend teach languages. Might all your wishes come true! might all your dreams come yes, really! - Toh irakananan ko bolor erazankners!

I execute not desire - What an uzum! It"s impossible! excuse me - Nerecek i am guilty - Es mehavor eat nothing - Vochinch! i am an extremely surprised - i did not mean it - whose salvation Really? This is incredible! You appropriately said - Duk chisht asatsik fine done - Apres Indifference and also ignorance - Antarberutyun ev antehyakutyun i don"t treatment - Indz hamar mievnuyna What"s the difference?

Inchpes kareli e! walk this surprise you? The Infinity translation Bureau wants to tell its readers the research has been brought out by philologists because that the europe Day of Languages.

Armenia is an ancient country with created traditions and hospitality, i beg your pardon has currently become legend throughout the world. It has its very own customs and also beautiful traditions connected with inviting and meeting guests at home. Yet today we will certainly not talk about the Armenian foundations, but around the greeting itself. "Barev Dzes" is a sort of password that benevolence and openness in the direction of people. In Russian that sounds like "hello", but it has actually its very own meaning. What is a greeting in Armenian, and how is it remarkable?

Armenian folklore is closely associated with the reception of guests, roughly which a entirety system the traditions and customs has actually long to be formed. The greeting “Barev Dzes” theatre a distinct role. Heat words room pronounced, entering the house, meeting a acquainted person ~ above the street, wishing come cheer increase casual passers-by.

The streamlined Russian translation of the expression is “hello”, yet in Armenian the over construction is much more complicated. Let"s know each lexical unit separately:

the native "barev" is a blend of 2 bases - "bari" ("good"), "arev" ("sun");"Dzes" converts as "you" or "you".

Literally: "Good sun to you!" If in Russian the welcoming building and construction “hello” is a wish of an excellent health, then in Armenian that is a good, sunny day, not only externally, but additionally internally: the state that mind must be choose this. Climate the person will it is in healthy, happy, satisfied through life, smiling, positive, successful.

Linking indigenous to real situations

The style varies relying on the situation. The most common alternatives are:

"Barev dzes", a classic greeting suitable for acquaintances and strangers, a global option;"Barev dzes argeli", a respectful construction, analyzed as "good sun to you, dear", is supplied for larger people, simply as a authorize of special respect;“Barev”, a streamlined version, prefer the Russian “hello”, is how good friends greet, in most instances the word “barev” is fairly enough.

Welcoming constructions space a distinct manifestation the a benevolent attitude, a trusted disposition between people. Castle are part of the rituals the hospitality, room often discovered in individual tales, folklore works.

Traditional greeting and also goodbye

When friend greet a human in Armenia, you wish him much an ext than just health. One expression consists of many interpretations that are completely understood only by aboriginal speakers. The named structure is not motionless: it can transform, change, focusing on the problems of the bordering reality. In fact, "barev dzes" right here is a semantic basis, the nuances of i m sorry emphasize added lexical units.

For example, “bari luys” means a common morning greeting (“luys” - “light”, the Russian-language analogue “good morning”), “bari or” is the same as “good afternoon”, “bari ereko”, as you might guess , "good evening".

If “barev dzes” is “hello” in Armenian, then what words carry out you say goodbye? the course, even here the hospitable people could not perform without beautiful linguistic constructions with spiritual meaning. As with many other occurred languages, over there are plenty of analogies to the normal "goodbye". Numerous variants:

"Ctesutyun" - a neutral kind of farewell, "goodbye";"Araimzh" synchronizes to an ext friendly communication, it translates roughly as "bye";"Khadzhokhutyun" is provided when parting because that an indefinite period, sometimes also forever ("goodbye");“Minch andipum” is a semantic counterbalance come the previous expression, reflecting the hope for a quick separation (“see you soon”);"Enamber spasum em mer ajord andipmane" is analyzed as "looking front to our following meeting."

The Armenian language is defined by countless lexemes linked with the classic life of the people, the peculiarities of the worldview, the attitude towards oneself and also the people roughly it. Knowledge what “barev dzes” means, we have touched top top a whole layer of culture, i m sorry has found expression in the language system.

When talking around the greeting phrases, the is impossible not to point out other means to speak Armenian “hello », since this is a reflection of the spirit of the people, clearly demonstrating exactly how hospitable and friendly the country is. If you desire to include warmth or special respect, use words jan, which way dear. It belongs to among the most regular in the speech of Armenians.

When heading come a clear country, the first step is to learn the welcome constructs. “Barev” will be enough, however it’s good to understand other alternatives that can be used depending upon the situation:

"Barev dzes" - hello;"Barev (someone"s name) jan" - hello dear"Barev dzes argeli" - hello, dear"Bari or" - an excellent afternoon;"Bari luiz" - good morning.

In films where over there is the duty of an Armenian, he will certainly say: "jan". What does jan average in Armenian? exactly how is this indigenous used? First, let"s turn to dictionaries.

What dictionary say

Jan is analyzed from Armenian into Russian together expensive. There space discussions amongst the translators top top the topic: “What walk jan typical in Armenian and also what is that is origin”. There room two opinions:

Turkic origin of the word;Armenian origin of the word.

These two groups belong to different linguistic families: the Turkic individuals are component of the Altai, and the Armenians are component of the Indo-European. It need to be listed that all Eastern individuals use this native in different variations. In countless nations, january is a soul or a life. This suggests an earlier source for the word. Lot clarifies the appeal because that explanations to the surviving old Indo-European languages.

In the Farsi language, specifically in its ancient Persian version, we see much much more meanings of words Jan. These are, because that example, the following:


Comparison v Hindi confirms the diminutive form of jan added to the name. Plenty of names in India finish in ji or jan.

Against the Turkic version, one deserve to argue that words is used only by those peoples who encountered Indo-European culture, in particular, Armenian.

What aboriginal speakers say

It is exciting to recognize the opinion that the aboriginal speakers themselves around what Jan means in Armenian. In Armenian culture, once a human being is referred to as jan or jana, that is taken that the interlocutor is near in spirit, that is a sweet and also respected person. Communication with the is pleasant.

But, if you ask straight what jan way in Armenian, the answer will certainly not it is in immediate. Someone will certainly say - this is a soul, and someone will answer - life. Literally, janya way body. The old word in Sanskrit means man. The scriptures tells exactly how God make a body out of dust, breathed right into it the breath the life, and Adam became a soul. Apparently, the roots of the word go so far that countless peoples take into consideration the word their own.


Many human being talk around the ambiguity of the jan translation. Native Armenian to Russian, it most often method road. In daily life, the word is added to names, and mother is likewise addressed in this way. And also they can simply say to the girl: "Jana, please provide me the thing." In this case, it becomes an appeal. You can hear in the market: "What room you selling, jan?" This is a warm and also cozy, tranquil word.

Vovidzhan, don"t eat cilantro

In the movie "Attention, Turtle!" over there is one Armenian boy - fantastic student Vova Manukyan. That is the instigator of miscellaneous experiments and, in general, the very first boy in the class. As soon as his parents leave for work, he continues to be with his grandmother. Grandmother hung crate on the balcony in i beg your pardon she grows greens rather of flowers. What an Armenian cuisine without greens! In the Caucasus, it is dubbed men"s bread.

Vova loves to feast on fresh fragrant grass, but the grandm notices everything and affectionately claims to she grandson:

Vovidzhan, don"t eat cilantro.

To which the nephew invariably answers:

Nobody eats!


This is repetitive throughout the film throughout all the scenes filmed top top the Manukyans" balcony.

Jan in Armenian is a diminutive prefix come the name. You deserve to translate the indigenous of the grandmother choose this: "Little Johnny, do not tear the cilantro."

If you speak to that an adult, he will be puzzled. January is a native for an extremely close ones. This is one analogue that the Russian native cute.


The difference in the traditional perception that the world among Armenians and also Georgians is presented by the most talented manager G. Danelia. In the movie "Mimino" the explosive hero V. Kikabidze an initial does something and then thinks around it. Nearby, the tranquil hero that F. Mkrtchan smoothes the end his irascibility: "Valik-dzhan, I will tell friend one clever thing, only you execute not it is in offended."


Conversion the janas in this case way respect. The interlocutor cautions that in no situation wants to violation Valiko or teach him just how to live. It is well-known that Frunzik Mkrtchyan said that it is ugly come teach a person, you require to assist him. However to execute it so the he does no know around it.

As they to speak in Armenia

So what does jan mean in Armenian? there is a joke the in Armenia you walk out and also see her reflection choose in a mirror. By the means people deserve to judge the impression lock make. A passer-by will certainly stop and also ask exactly how to get to such and also such a street. At the same time, he will certainly use different appeals to a woman:

Kur-jan - a visiting young male will ask. He called him a sister, which means he considers him young enough.Akhchik-jan - passers-by think you are younger than themselves, they dubbed you mine daughter.Morkur-jan - the girl will say, giving way. Referred to as my aunt. It"s a pity.Mayrik-jan, permit me aid - a male of the same period will sirloin to pick up the flood vegetables indigenous the fallen bag. So, it"s a bad thing - he dubbed him a mother. Old age is just approximately the corner.Tatik-jan, exactly how to help? the new neighbor will certainly ask affectionately. He dubbed him a grandma. Ah, neighbor, ah, jan.

Of course, in addition to these appeals, over there are also generally embraced official paron and tikin, which way mistress and also master. However they are sort of cold, alienated. Tikin implies that a mrs is no one, not needed or a stranger. Paron - from the word baron, introduced by the crusaders. In Russian, the analogue is the master. So they have the right to tell a person, ending arguments in a dispute. Permit him know that they perform not think about him family. You can"t tell the jan.

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Translation from Armenian have to take into account the mentality that the nation. Armenia is a country of customs. By and also large, all Armenians room relatives. They remember this and shot to keep the old traditions that govern relations and have long end up being the backbone that society.