Error or fault codes room programmed in every General electrical electronic stove controls. The password are supplied to aid you or technicians diagnose what the concern with the cooktop is. Once these password are presented you can often find what the problem is within the hands-on that came v your oven. After girlfriend have uncovered the difficulty you deserve to determine if you will attempt to try to deal with the difficulty yourself or call stove repair service.

If her General Electric stove is displaying the F2 error it might be simply a glitch or it could be indicating that a component requirements to be replaced. That can show up when you room baking or when the cooktop is in “Cleaning Mode.” as soon as this error password does show up the cooktop will be unusable till the trouble is resolved.

So before you decision to call stove repair service, go v these 6 steps and see if you deserve to diagnose and fix the difficulty on your own.

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Step 1

The first step is identifying what the difficulty is exactly, the could also just be a glitch, i m sorry is what you should first assess before moving forward.

When you first see the F2 error code it will flash ~ above the oven’s LCD display as the range beeps twice. ~ the oven has actually beeped double it will certainly shut down and also the F2 error code will stay frozen on the screen.

Step 2

If the F2 error code has actually frozen top top the cooktop after shutting down, climate unplug the oven for 30 seconds. Plug the oven ago in and also see if the error code shows up again. At times glitches will occur and the error code will randomly appear. If the password does no reappear than it was simply a glitch and you can continue to usage the range as normal.

Step 3

If ~ resetting the range the F2 error code still appears, you will need to determine which ingredient is faulty, because, as declared above, the error code means that a component requirements to be replaced, yet you have actually to first find the end which component it is.

First, inspect the relay the is situated inside the the oven near the broiler at the top of the oven. If you deserve to see the the relay is damaged, friend will need to replace the oven’s electronic control board. However, if the relay looks to be in an excellent condition, relocate on to step 4.

Step 4

If the error code isn’t appearing due to a glitch or damaged relays, check the oven’s temperature sensor. If any type of wires space exposed or damaged then your temperature sensor is misreading her oven’s heat which reasons the F2 error code. If you have found any kind of damaged or exposed wires girlfriend will must replace the whole component.

Step 5

If you feel comfortable instead of these parts on your own, find your oven`s version number in your manual. If you no longer have actually the manual, girlfriend will find a sticker with the model details on the within of the oven door. After friend have found the version number order the ideal parts indigenous the General electrical site.

Step 6

If ~ you have actually gone through all of the steps detailed about and still can not assess the problem, or have actually assessed the problem yet do not feel comfortable instead of the components on your own, you then have to call an oven repair service.

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