The testicles, or balls, space oval-shaped glands that kind part that the male anatomy. They sit within a slim sack of skin dubbed the scrotum. As a human ages, the scrotum loses elasticity, and also the skin starts to sag. Details medical conditions can also cause the skin to show up saggy.

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Skin loser its elasticity gradually as a person gets older, and also the effects of gravity start to become much more noticeable everywhere on the body, consisting of the testicles.

Some treatments can help keep the scrotum from sagging too much, although there is no way to protect against or treat the worry completely. Sagging testicles, which human being often describe as saggy balls, space usually not a reason for concern. However, if they show up with various other symptoms, such together pain top top one next of the balls or in the prostate, a human should view a doctor.

In this article, we look in ~ the feasible causes of sagging testicles, and also treatment options and once to check out a doctor.

What is normal?

Share top top PinterestThe skin approximately the testicles loser its elasticity as a human being gets older.
The testicles hang inside the scrotum, or scrotal sac. The looseness of the skin about the testicles varies amongst individuals, and also in many people, that is naturally reasonably loose. The scrotum helps protect the testicles and provides some affect resistance.

The scrotum additionally moves in response to warm to protect the breakable testicles and also sperm inside. In law so, it helps keep the sperm viable by staying clear of them from ending up being too warm or also cold.

In cold weather, the skin tightens up as the cremaster muscle pulls the testicles toward the human body to store them warm. In warm conditions, the skin i m going to stop the testicles from overheating. The looser skin allows the balls to hang far from the warm body and encourages airflow roughly the scrotum to store the area cool.

As such, even in younger people, the testicles will generally sag a bit. A human being will generally notification this as soon as they start creating sperm throughout puberty.

As a human ages, the testicles will typically sag lot more. The procedure may not be noticeable at first, yet by the age of 50 years, most civilization will an alert a drastic distinction in exactly how much your balls sag.

Sagging testicles are a completely normal component of the aging process. A examine from 2014 verifies the decrease in skin mechanical properties with aging. The skin loser collagen v age, resulting in the great of the skin come stretch more.

While this uses to the skin anywhere on the body, it might be more noticeable in particular areas, such together the face and also testicles. The scrotum and testicles currently hang away from the body, so an ext stretchy skin and the initiatives of gravity deserve to lead come the result appearing an ext drastic.

Other times, sagging testicles might be the result of an underlying issue, such as a varicocele. A varicocele occurs as soon as a vein near the testicles swells up. This ede can cause an raised blood flow to the testicles, i m sorry heats them. The body then responds by dropping the testicles reduced to prevent them from getting too hot.

According come a research in the Asian newspaper of Andrology, varicoceles show up in up to 15% of males and also may have an association with infertility.

Varicoceles might make a person feel as though your testicles are moving or squirming, and they may also notification pain in the area. Anyone enduring these symptoms alongside sagging testicles must see a doctor. Sometimes, a person will not experience any type of other symptoms and also will not notification that they have actually the issue.

Although age-related sagging in the scrotum is normal, some civilization may it is in uncomfortable v its appearance or uncover that it it s okay in the means of their everyday life — because that example, by making it basic to sit by chance on the testicles. Surgical treatment is the only sure method to deal with the issue, yet people have the right to also try a range of nonsurgical methods, consisting of those below.


There room several different exercises that human being claim deserve to prevent or treat sagging testicles, although there is no scientific evidence to prove that they work. Still, many human being perform exercises to aid them work out the muscles in this area that the body.

Some world say that they feel better when doing this exercises, perhaps because they feel as though they are being proactive. Even if they are ineffective, testicle exercises room unlikely to damage the testicles or do the sagging any type of worse.

Two exercises the some civilization use room Kegels and also testicular holding:

Kegel exercises

Doing basic Kegels, by finding and also activating the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, may assist some civilization support your penis and testicle health and wellness in general. The pc muscles space the muscles that a person uses to hold ago their urine stream.

The simple Kegel exercise entails contracting the muscles together though trying to cut off the urine stream. Together this exercise activates the computer muscles, that may boost the toughness of the pelvic floor and assist with some issues in the testicles, prostate, and penis.

Testicular holding

Testicular stop is comparable to weight training the testicles. Holding the testicles in one hand and also pulling downward activates the computer muscles. Doing this because that 5 minutes every day might activate the computer muscles an ext strongly than simple Kegels.

Keeping the skin healthy

As lot of the sagging in the testicles is because of aging skin, that may help to save the skin together youthful together possible.

The American Academy the Dermatology recommend several means to protect and also care for the skin, including:

avoiding sun exposuredrinking less alcoholmaintaining a healthy weighteating a balanced diet

These tips may help improve skin wellness in general, which may slow the progression of saggy testicles.


Share ~ above PinterestThe outcomes of surgery to law sagging testicles are regularly not permanent.

Some surgical choices are available to treat overly sagging testicles. These are largely for human being who dislike just how their testicles look. This treatments may also aid in situations where the human has troubles that arise from their saggy testicles, such as accidentally sitting on their testicles also often.

In these cases, a procedure referred to as a scrotoplasty may assist keep the scrotum indigenous hanging down as far. Throughout a scrotoplasty, the operated doctor will very closely remove extra skin from the scrotum to let the testicles rest greater up towards the body.

Surgery works to act saggy balls, yet the results are not permanent. The impact is likely to stay off in time as the skin proceeds to stretch with age.

In the situation of a varicocele, a operation procedure dubbed a varicocelectomy treats the underlying concern by tie off the puffy veins. The symptoms need to go away together the area heals, and this may have a positive impact on the sperm.

Other methods

There is no wonder cure because that sagging testicles. Civilization may come across other methods — together as only wearing chop briefs and avoiding sex or masturbation — on internet forums and also by word of mouth, but these room not reliable methods.

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Other sources claim that lotions, creams, hormones, or supplements can help. Although they are probably harmless to many people, over there is no proof that these methods will work.